Fashion Beauty Tips


98% girls are worried because of pimples in teenage. They try many creams, consult to doctors and take facial but in vain. It is that thing which comes when you want to go n any occasion. If you try to remove it by finger then it’s black sign will be on face and it will not remove. Pimples damage your personality and confidence totally. It can because of blood circulation. May be your diet is improper. Here are some tips that can help you to get rid of pimples:
Oily skin will reason of pimples. Apply natural and easy way on face that is ice. It helps in the flow of blood and your skin remains fresh. It controls oil on your face. You can apply it on regular basis.
Lemon has many natural benefits. It is a gift for human from Allah. It also controls pimples. It is full of vitamin C and has ability to control oil. Apply fresh lemon on face.
Steam can control the oil of your skin and removes dust from the pores of skin. If dust and oil will remove then pimples will not come.
Gram Flour:
It is best way to say good bye your pimples. Every morning wash your face with gram flour and see results. Your skin’s oiliness will remove and you will get rid of pimples.
Baking Soda:
It is best for dead cells. You can apply it on your face and remove it with cool water.
Honey is a natural source for everyone. It gives you natural look. Apply honey with lemon will remove your pimples.
Egg mask is best for oily skin. Oil can cause of pimples. Egg is full of proteins and it controls oil on face. Apply white egg.

Face Wash:
Avoid to using soup because soap has many chemicals that can cause of pimples on face. Use face wash that control oil and you can get rid of pimples.
Many times pimples come when your blood is not fresh and clean. Make it your habit to eat fruits on regular bases.
Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is such plant which has many benefits. It is used in all over the Worlds for different purposes. Aloe Vera controls oil and make your skin fresh and pimple less.
Almond Oil:
Its use in night can control your oil and you can get rid of pimples. It is full of vitamins and proteins.
Rose Water:
You can get the spray of rose water from any shop. Spray on your face twice a day that will remove your oil and pimples from face.