Now women are fascinating by new style stones even men also. They don’t like to wear gold and silver. You cannot find stones from market easily. They can find in original form from Gilgat Baltistan, Iraq and many other countries. Stones can wear by fitting in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Necklaces are a main part of the jewelry pieces that people own and wear. People can
claim the rights of a range of necklaces starting from a simple gold necklace to a very sophisticated and expensive diamond necklace. Where a gold necklace would be used on a casual day, a diamond necklace would be a part of our wedding clothing. This is in respect to the current situation. Now gemstone necklaces are also introducing among people.
The concept of necklaces is 75,000 years old, if you follow the human history. The difference is just that, in those days necklaces were made of skulls, bones and other animal parts. These necklaces were worn both by men and women. But now, necklaces are made of gold, silver, stones and diamonds.
Necklaces now became a part of women’s jewelry. Necklaces were often seen beautifying women. With increased popularity of diamonds, diamond necklaces occupied a higher position than gold necklaces among the affordable classes. With the growing popularity of necklaces the need for more affordable forms than diamond necklaces aroused and thus, was introduced gemstone necklaces. Gemstone necklaces are also expensive. Everyone cannot afford it. It was not just the affordability factor but also the huge color splash offered that made gemstone necklaces a favorite of a lot by people and designers.

Though men used other jewelry pieces like rings and bracelets and also those made of other precious metals, necklaces were not very popular with them.

Gems are a strangeness of nature. Throughout the ages humans have attributed special significance to gems and the jewelry they made from them. Charms made from gems, were thought to prevent evil from entering your body. Every month has a birthstone to provide good luck to its wearer. Beads, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets were all created to display gemstones. Today gems are pretty to look at and are strong, but humans place the value on them depending on the fashion of the time.
Teenagers have strong concept that f they will wear metals, they will be safe from any danger. People are using gemstone for their good luck. When you search out the birth sitars of anyone, you will find his/her birth stone. All description has given in it. Many people have strong believed on stones. Many people wear gemstone only for fashion. It’s looking good to see. It is a shinny stone. You can find it in the colors of red and blue. Mostly people wear red color for bright future. Many shopkeepers are selling fake gemstones on low prices. Selling of fake stones has become the business of many people.

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