Home is the reflection of women taste. If they ignore their home and focus on their dress, makeup, shoes and jewelry then people don’t say them ingenious. If you want to leave a good impact on your coming guests then focus on your home front. Make a beautiful bed in your home yard. You should plant beautiful seasonal flowers in different colors. It is not easy to plant flowers, for this you are needed to make a plan and hard working.

If you have a large collection of flowers at home and you are fond of it then it is good. Now you can grow flowers at home. Bed or boarder line in yard can look beautiful and charming if it has a large variety of different colorful flowers. Flowers or plants need more attention. They need sun light, food and water on the time. Little bit carelessness can damage the beauty of flowers or plants. So keep in mind, they are also breathing. So care them like a family member.
Summer season and winter season flowers are different to each other. In summer season choose that flowers which are suitable according to season. When summer is near to end just like in September end or October starting, you should grow winter flowers. Some people have problem that their flower bed looks from two sides. They should not worry because you can select small size flowers for boarder line and large in size can choose for center.

Many people choose small size flowers for front which is more prominent and large size for back. If you want to grow your favorite flower yourself then grow then in seeding tray or flower pot and give them more attention. But many special flowers are not grown easily. Such as “California Poppies” is the best example of it. Its seeds waste in the process of seeding because they are very fragile and small. You need little bit struggle for home garden. Some guidelines are here: