Fashion Styles


2014 was the most fashionable year. Fashion changes with the passage of time. Many people love fashion and many more hate. Many fashion ladies, you can see in magazines, televisions, and live. Designers take a modern twist for summer and winter collections. They use bright colors and different unique textures. Many beautiful and fresh models came on the ramp with new innovation. New brands introduce into the fashion world.
Red, blue, black and sand color becomes most famous among fashion industry in 2014. Red and blue colors are famous in every year. With red color dress and charming personality catwalk on ramp, no one can say that he is not inspired. Pakistani models mostly use red color dress. Because this color is enhance your beauty.
High and low heels both introduced in 2014 fashion. Red and yellow colors used in heels. On the ramp, you can see pencil heel. But in causal life, it is difficult to carry pencil heel. Now, people are leaving handbags. They are using pouches. Whish are easy to carry. Many new styles pouches came in 2014. Upper class make on order gold material pouches. In market, you can collect beads and metals material base pouches.
In 2014, necklaces were introduced again. People had left the use of necklaces but now people are using necklaces. Light weight earrings, light weight rings but many more fingers, bracelets were wearing in 2014’s fashion. Pakistani models wear light jewelry. In fact in wedding ceremony, jewelry is in low weight age.
When we talk about makeup, many accessories come in our mind such as eyelashes, lipsticks, eyeliner, lip liner, blush on, foundation and many more. Makeup has a big range of products. In 2014, purple, red and skin color makeup is used by our models. Light makeup on eyes and dark lipstick made models gorgeous. Now, models are using concealer because shortage of time. Orange color lipstick looks brighter and hot.
In 2014 ramp, you can see models in skin, red, blue and sand color lengha and sarhi in different styles. Many new brands introduced by fashion industry. Coming next in the list of famous clothing brands is Gul Ahmed. This fashion brand works to design fashion clothing for women. Gul Ahmed lawn is famous worldwide. Next most popular brand is that of Junaid Jamshed. JJ is specialized in designing fashion wear for men however; it also facilitates women with fashionable and trendy clothing.
Other prominent designers under the fashion label of designer’s name are also very famous and demanding all over the world. These names include Nomi Ansari, Sania Maskatiya, Kayseria, Umar Sayeed, Nishat, Leisure Club, Zahra Ahmed, Firdous, Tabassum Mughal, Shariq Textiles, Chen one, Ammar Bilal, Bunto Kazmi, Lajwanti, Zainab Sajid, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Nilofer Shahid, and Nida Azwer, Sara Safinaz, Satya Paul, Maria B, Al-Karam and Khaadi.
More brands and fashions will come in 2015. 2014 is going on. With it its fashion will go and new fashion will come with new innovation and motivation.

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