Women in general love to keep themselves always clean and fresh. This is the primary sign of the feminine side, which is inborn and natural for them. Perfumes are part of their daily routine not just for single women but also even to those who are married and have significant others. There are different scents, flavors, and brands that women are superior and using, which could be based on popularity, quality, and price. Among the best perfumes that can be seen in the market, the women’s favorites are the following:
• Dawn
• Kylie Gangue
• Cinema
• Black XS
• Echo
• Escape

Early Use:
There has always been a trade in scents and by the year 2008 perfume had become a $10 billion industry. Today women have fragrance wardrobes of at least six different perfumes, rather than a single name perfume, keeping one special perfume for occasion moments.
People have used perfume, oils and unguents on their bodies for thousands of years in lesser or greater amounts dependant on fashion styles. The early Egyptians used perfumed balms as part of religious ceremonies and later as part of pre love making preparations. Many plants such as rose and peppermint were steeped in oils until a perfumed unguent formed. The unguent was then rubbed into the skin. It’s interesting to note that perfume has come full circle today as more and more of us seek out high quality aromatherapy perfumed oils to use in exactly the same way as our family did.
Products that enhance the feel of skin and the smell of the body have been highly valued in every culture. Trade routes introduced spices to other parts of the world and a wider range of scents could be made. In the past people often mixed their own potions using home methods creating their own aromatherapy products. Many homes had a still room where essences were steeped out of flowers and herbs.
Niche Brands:
Scent is an important part of your identity. It communicates more than your clothes or manner because one can smell you without looking at or talking to you. It’s one of the most delicate yet strong parts of the human sensory experience, as scent can evoke certain memories and give off a certain vibe, desirable or otherwise. Understanding this, fashion brands inextricably fasten fragrances into their brand stories.
• Escada:
Escada is an international luxury fashion group founded in Germany. Escada Beauté was founded in 1990 and saw the release of its first fragrance. The fragrance division launched a series of successful fragrances for men and women throughout the 1990s and continuing in the 21st century. Escada fragrances, like the company’s fashions, are notable for their bright packaging and unusual bottle shapes.
• Burberry:
Burberry is a luxury British design house founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. This house distinguished itself with fashion and accessories, including a now-iconic channel coat and the brands unique and recognizable checked pattern which has become one of the most-copied motifs in fashion. Burberry was granted a Royal Warrant for Clothing from the British Royal Family. In addition to their fashion line and accessories, the Burberry brand offers an exclusive line of fragrances for men and women.

Many more brands have come in to market:
• Cool Water
• Versace
• Charli
• Channel
• Just for Romance
• Black Car
• Boss
And so on.

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