With the increasing in the technology, mobile phones with unique styles have become the important part of our lives. Now people use trendy mobile phones. In fact, many people firstly look on your mobile phone then they will see your personality. Everyone wants to have trendy mobile phones because it is not showing off but it is necessary for life. If you have a good personality but your mobile phone is not trendy, it can create your bad image among people. You can to say that mobile phones are your personality descriptive.
New and latest mobiles are easily available in to market. Everyone can excess it easily. Everyone likes new and unique technology. Even children are now having mobile phones. You can to say this is inner satisfaction. Teenagers are very conscious about new technology. They want to have such mobiles which are expensive and trendy. They force their parents for new mobiles which is new in market. They search about mobiles online easily.
If we look in past, mobiles were not necessarily for life. Very few people had it. Latest mobiles are coming in all colors with unique features and packaging. Nokia and Samsung are mostly used in Pakistan. They have most features and trendiest because of it, teenagers prefer these brands. These brands of mobiles are not much expensive, everyone can afford it easily. Now in 21st century, many brands of mobiles have come in to market which are much expensive such like Blackberry, iPhone, and many other smart phones. Middle class cannot afford it.
But it has become the fashion that people use those mobiles which are looking trendy and expensive in look. Many latest mobiles has come for business men. But these mobiles cannot use in homes. For home use, Nokia and Samsung brands are best. Blackberry and iPhones’s colors and styles are more attractive than others.
In this era, people need mobiles because now our surroundings have changed. No one is saved. By mobiles your family members can contact you. If it is necessary but many people are using mobiles for bad purpose. Now people can see on air TV on mobiles. Children play games on it. If it has its positive use, there it has its negative use too. It has seen that all technologies have its bad and good impacts on the lives of people.
But it is bad that our teenage girls and boys are adopting its negative impacts very soon. In old era, mobile phones did not have memory cards. But now mobiles are coming with double Sims and memory cards and so many features. Teenagers invest their money in new and trendy mobiles. Now if you want to buy a mobile phone, you can visit its features, packaging and price online through internet. Many brands will be come in to the market very soon:
Nokia Lumia 928
Blackberry Classic
Huawei Honor 6 Plus
AOC M601
iPhone 6
And so on.

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