Fashion Beauty Tips


Eyes are most prominent part of your body. You can see any one’s confidence and beauty through one’s eyes. Eyes are the translator of your inner. Now women make their eyes beautiful through makeup. Eye makeup is a simple but a difficult to apply. Eye makeup personalizes your personality. Makeup is an art. Everyone cannot do it. Who are not expert they adopt new ideas for eye makeup but some are very experts. Many women have not any knowledge about makeup. They adopt it very heavy which look very over. Choose eye shade according to your eye color. Firstly, apply skin color on eyes then apply your eye color matched color.

Eye shades are available in to market in all colors. To apply the eye shade, you don’t need to perfect brand of eye shade but toy should remember the shape and size of your eyes. It will be in the form of cream, powder and compact. If you have blue eyes then apply grey, sky blue and dark blue color. If your eyes are not big then don’t apply shinning eye shades. If you have applied eye shade then use eye liner. Many women make their eyes smoky. Smoky style is very old. But many girls use it in parties. It will give you look of vampire. If you don’t have big eyes then you can adopt smoky makeup for night party. In smoky eyes, you apply dark colors. Smoky eye makeup is called the winter season makeup.
With the passage of time, eye makeup styles have changed. Shinning eyes are attractive for everyone. Big eyes are considered more beautiful. For big eyes, you should apply light and dark colors mixture of eye shades. Don’t apply light to dark but apply your eye shade from dark to light. Beady eyes are not more attractive and beautiful. But through makeup can make them good looking. Beady eyes women try to make their eyes broad and beautiful through different styles of makeup. For beady eyes, apply dark makeup.

In summer season, you can adopt two styles of eyes makeup; golden and soft. Use colorless mascara. Golden color gives you natural look. You will not look over. Don’t use dark eye liner and eye shades on white skin. When you apply eye makeup your dark circles prominent. You should apply golden eye shade inner the eyes for removing or covering the dark circles. In winter season, apply dark colors with soft touch. In winter, eye makeup is not spread.
You should remove your eye makeup before night sleep. If you don’t give attention to it, many problems can create. Don’t use expired products. For eyes, vitamins a, b and c are vital. It is necessary that save your eyes from dust. Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Less carelessness can create many problems. If eye shade or eye liner has gone in your eyes then remove makeup and consult your doctor. Eyes are too much sensitive. Less carelessness can blind you.