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With the passage of time, new fashion cosmetics are coming in to market. Now a day concealer has come in the form of brush, gloss and lipstick. It can cover pimples, under-eye circles, blemishes, and more. After using concealer, you look fresh and glowing up.

Main steps where you can apply concealer:

• If you apply your foundation first, you’ll find that you don’t need to use as much concealer. If you apply concealer first, however, you’ll remove most of it while applying your foundation.

• The most suitable way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek. This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the fantasy that your face is lifted.

• To prevent your eye shadow from falling off your top and settling in the creases, most important your eyelids first with a apply of concealer.

• When concealing a pimple, first use a green concealer, then cover the area with a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. Cancel out a pimple’s redness by applying green concealer with a clean brush to only the pimple

• Use a concealer that’s somewhat lighter than your skin tone to line three tiny sections of your eyes: the inner “V,” the middle section of your eyelid, and just below your brow bone. Lightly blend for right away well-rested eyes and a highlight that looks natural. Great for days when you didn’t get enough sleep.

• Dab an orange- or peach-colored concealer over dark under-eye circles with your ring finger. Your ring finger, which is your weakest, will apply just the right amount of pressure to blend in the concealer without pulling at your delicate eye skin, and the orange or peach tones will cancel out the blue shadows that your under-eye circles give off. Top the orange or peach formula with a cover-up that matches your skin.

• Know what issues different colors of concealer fix. Peach shades cancel out blue circles or bruising, green hide red blemishes, and yellow-toned concealers correct almost all uneven skin tones.
• After applying concealer, stain the area with a thin tissue to prevent the product from settling in the creases around your eyes. If your concealer tends to look cakey in the fine lines around your eyes midday, opening a tissue into two layers, and use one of the sheets to remove overload oil.

• Sharpen your cat-eye and cover any eyeliner mistakes with an angled brush dipped in concealer. This is much easier than removing it altogether and starting over completely.

• Make your lipstick pop and prevent the color from bleeding by lining the outside of your lips with a fine-tip brush and a bit of concealer. You’ll be amazed at how sharp your lips will look afterward.

• Create the illusion of plumper lips by filling in the middle section with a light concealer, blending it out with the warmth from your fingertip, and finishing with a nude lip gloss.

• Create a colored moisturizer by mixing your daily face lotion with a bit of your go-to concealer. This will help hydrate your skin while adding a subtle, highlighted finish.

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