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With the passage of time, many degrees have introduced. Many programmed of 2 and 4 year came in market. Competition is on the peak level. Fashion designing is becoming most favorite subject of teen agers. They want to walk with the world. Now universities and colleges have the special classes for fashion designers. In fashion designing, you can select many courses. Fashion is a broad subject.
Graduates will have covered topics such as merchandising, buying for retailers, brand management and marketing during their degree as well as the basics of design and the history of fashion.
As well as honing your drawing, pattern-cutting and design skills you will have picked up convenient skills that are useful in a wide range of careers. You will be used to meeting rigid deadlines, coming up with ideas, working collaboratively and on your own initiative. You will have developed good presentational and analytical skills and be able to manage your time.
Graduate programs in fashion:

Graduation of Fine Arts in Fashion, a Master of Science in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising & Design or a Master of Business Administration in Fashion Merchandising, among other closely related degrees. The curricula of these programs address patternmaking, retailing, fashion markets, fashion trends and management practices. In some programs, hands-on classroom exercises and projects usually attend instruction, allowing students to develop their own wear. BBA programs also cover other aspects of business operations that could relate to the fashion industry. Most programs can be completed in two years. A graduate degree in fashion prepares students for careers in design, merchandising or management within the fashion industry.
Fashion Merchandising Degree:

A degree program in fashion merchandising combines a thorough understanding of the fashion industry with knowledge of basic business and marketing principles. Although graduate programs in the field are less common, one such degree available is a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Design.
These programs typically take about two years to complete and sometimes include a project. Students gain an advanced understanding of textiles and production techniques, business strategies in the fashion industry, and how to market different product lines. Some bachelor’s programs in fashion merchandising allow students to choose a particular area of focus, such as textile merchandising, fashion marketing or fashion retailing. Many programs also include either a meeting experience or an internship in the fashion industry that should prepare students for employment.

Fashion marketing Course:

Combine creative design, business sense and an understanding of fashion trends to target markets and coordinate the sales and distribution of clothing lines to consumers. Study beyond a bachelor’s degree can provide opportunities for a leadership role in the fashion market world.
Most bachelors’ programs share some common ground, but the different fields of study can prepare graduates for careers in international marketing, retail merchandising or visual displays. Common courses cover fashion history and trends, and students get business instruction through courses in marketing, world business and economics. Many programs allow students to obtain hands-on experience through internships in the fashion industry.

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