Fashion Styles


Glasses as fashion ornament have history. Women are more frequently known for a perfect look that spurns practical considerations such as seeing. They are style-conscious but short-sighted, experienced a strange feeling. Although many people like their glasses, they are too self-conscious to wear them in a professional circumstance, and also have rules outside of work never mixing glasses with eveningwear. Younger brands are now walking this stability, too not trying to be stylish, instead they’re aiming for classic, wearable design.
The sun is the outer space mother to every creature on Earth. Every creature on Earth depends on her heat and light. Without her everything would community in a cold, not fit to live in dark. Yet, the sun is a double edged sword. While it is essential to life, it is also takes life. One type of light the sun produces is the, ultra violet light. Ultra violet light or UV light is known to cause damage to the skin. That’s why people put on sunscreen. UV light can also do damage to the eyes. It would be for people to lay sunscreen on their eyes. The solution is to wear a pair of fashionable and useful sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses while in the sun can protect people from the two different types of UV light: UV-A light and UV-B light.
With the passage of time, now sunglasses are becoming fashion to wear. People use it only for looking graceful and sober. They are using branded sunglasses. In women, they like to wear such sunglasses which are matched to their dresses, hand bags and shoes.
Smart Glasses:
Smart glasses are products that are mounted on the head like normal glasses. Glasses as people know them today with frames that go behind the ears, date from the late 18th century. Even though laser operations and contact lenses are readily available today, there are still many people who wear glasses. Before treatment glasses became ordinary, they were an object of great attention and certain nervousness about what they could do.
Smart glasses are an optics technology based on a Heads-Up Display (HUD), a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) and, in particular, an Optical Head Mounted Display (OHMD). In brief, there is a plastic object at eye-level, through which the user can see both an online, digital world and an offline, physical world. It is, about to speaking, like having a Smartphone attached to the face. However, unlike the Smartphone or other wearable’s and body included technologies, which want the user to look down or away, smart glasses allow one to look straight out at the world without having to rely on the use of one’s hands. This provides a completely different communication situation and fundamentally new applications.
Many people use glasses only for looking smart. It is concept of this era, whose person wear glasses, he should have to intelligent, sober and having good personality. When you wear glasses, your look will be totally changed. Glasses have become accessory of this World.

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