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For most of the first decade of the 20th century, fashion mostly showed seasonal modifications rather than any basic changes. However, as the century extended, the concept of the ‘natural figure’ banished the corseted and overstated S-shaped figure that was fashionable at the beginning of the decade. These innovations, a major freedom for women, were accompanied by the introduction of strong and exciting colors. Many people say that fashion drawing and fashion illustration are same words.
Fashion Illustration:
Fashion Illustration has been around for nearly 500 years. Ever since clothes have been in subsistence, and there has been a need to translate an idea or image into a fashion illustration. Not only do fashion illustrations show a representation or design of a garment but they also serve as a form of art. Fashion illustration shows the presence of hand and is said to be a visual luxury.
It is a amazing thought that in these times of level-headedness, there is still a time and place for the imagination and possibility of illustration. Rather than photorealist, megapixels and polygons, illustration makes a asset of line and shade, detail and cover up. This is especially true of fashion illustration.
The world of fashion thrives at the cutting edge, stirring illustrators to produce particularly fresh, innovative graphics. Not only must this work be particularly eye-catching, it must also connect with the viewer, encouraging desire and aspiration. Fashion illustration is not necessarily about the hard sell of clothes, or their exact portrayal. Rather, it is about setting a tone or mood, which is often achieved by careful control of what elements within a work.
Difference between Drawing and Illustration:

Drawing is that is sometimes done in a hurry, thus isn’t as great as the illustration would be. A sketch has many more of the basis lines for the drawing, and for many is done on bit of pieces of paper. An illustration is the formal and usually completed version of the sketch and tends to be in color.
A drawing is quickly drawn and loose, meant to point to enough information to go back to the studio and do a painting. It is a reference drawing. An illustration is meant to be very exact and give as much visual information as possible for the viewer to understand what he is looking at.
Fashion Drawing for Beginners:

In the fashion world, new designs are accessible in the form of hand-drawn sketches before they’re really cut and sewn. First you draw croquets, the model-shaped figure that serves as the base of the sketch. The point is not to draw a realistic-looking figure, but a blank image of sorts on which to display illustrations of dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories and the rest of your creations. Adding color and details like ruffles, seams and buttons helps to bring your ideas to life.
Starting Your Drawing:
1. Gather Material
2. Decide on a Pose for your Croquets
3. Consider Alternative Method for Creating a Croquets
a) Draw the Balance Line
b) Start drawing the pelvic area first
c) Draw the torso and shoulders
d) Sketch the neck and head
e) Fill in the legs
f) Finish with the feet and arms

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