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Fashion Designer is a game for the Nintendo DS, developed by Creative Patterns and published by 505 Games. It was released on 9 November 2007. The player takes the role of a young woman who wants to take over the fashion industry, starting as an apprentice in a small fashion workshop. Initially the player must tailor clothes to meet given specifications using the stylus, working through the stages of cutting out, sewing and ironing up to sewing the buttons. The goal is to create “stunning outfits” for clients.
Designer Games:
• Trendy Pyjama Designer:
Design Trendy Pyjama, use the possibilities of the vast number of forms, and of course there are the options for choosing color and pattern.
• Jessica and Jane:
Jessica and jane the twin girls hate if people cannot tell them apart. They always have different hairstyles with different colors; they would never ever wear the same dress.
• New York: Fashion Designer – Girl Game:
Now in this game, you are in New York fashion house, and you need three pretty manequine for next week’s spring fashion event. Choose the three girls and let the fashion tour begin.
• Clothing Designers:
Decade fashion rather than follow it blindly. More fashionable T-Shirts are waiting for you. In this game, you will select any beautiful T-Shirt.
• My Running Shoes:
Designer designs running shoes with a unique pattern and color. If you decide wearing for those new runners for run, then many people will stay on your feet.
Gender Discrimination in Games:
As students, we have many things related to study. Commonly, you spend much of your time in completing assignments. In this time, you need some changes that can fresh your mind. There are so many games which girls can play. Fashion games are best and favorite game of girls. Many designers design these games for babies for their enjoyment. Whole time, you cannot study, you need a break. These games are not only for adults even younger can also enjoy these games by playing.
When designer designs games, he has to concentrate on girls and boys taste about games. Boys mostly like those games which are challenging, but girls like those games which are fantasy, cooking and fashion related. Some aspects should be concentrated:

• Back sound
• Color Scheme
• Environment
• Language
Girl’s and boy’s games are different in some aspects. The first aspect is the theme of the game. Boy’s games theme is all about sports, racing and war, but girl’s games theme is about fashion, beauty and cooking. The second aspect is color scheme. For boys, dark color uses but for girls, color uses bright. The last aspect is language which is used in games. In boy’s games, language is technical, but in girl’s games, language is simple. Boy’s game is complicated but girl’s game is simple. In these games, players completed stages.

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