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Fashion Communication is one of the latest and imminent fields in the fashion industry. Today, the fastest rising field is fashion and many Pakistani brands are challenging with international brands. This has opened up wonderful opportunities for a designer of fashion communication, who will work on design strategies, brands, portfolios etc. They will also work on areas such as visual merchandising, styling, graphic design, display and exhibit design, advertising, public relations, and creative writing. Students with a degree in fashion communication, will have high level of skill and sphere knowledge, and will emerge as professionals who offer extremely effective communication solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

What is the scope?
The prospectus includes areas such as graphic design, visual merchandising / retail experience design, exhibition and display design, event management, photography, styling, advertising, public relations and creative writing specific to fashion and lifestyle industry. A good course in communication will division you with an understanding of web and multimedia design, computer graphics, figure, product design, exhibition design, visualizing and art direction, typography and photography. The programmed in fashion communication is a unique opportunity for everyone wishing to hunt a career in fashion business, retail merchandising, communication fields of journalism, newspaper, television, news writing and promotion or special events.
The course includes basics of design, technical drawing, fashion studies, principles of marketing, fashion styling, fashion journalism and portfolio development. Hence, the fashion communication programmed allows students to master the skills necessary for professional success. Students learn to relate critical decision making tools and practical experience into solving problems in various applications linked with fashion business.
This course enables creative individuals to grow in the media and cultural industries that deal with the promotion and communication of fashion.
Communicating Through Clothing:
Clothes are a language, a nonverbal method of communication that throughout its policy expresses a lot about the wearer to the watcher. Previous to people talking to one another, their clothes makes a announcement that states their gender, age, rank, profession, source and character, in addition to what they are or what they desire to be at a specific direct.
As a communication clothes can vary from natural to alternative fashions. Clothing can know its wearer with a societal group or part that the individual needs to reproduce. Nonverbal communication, the jeans may point out that they are all essentials of the similar group; regardless of how unrelated they might be communally. Young girls take the group acknowledgment a move further by sharing clothing. In this manner they share their friendship.
For about hundreds of years individuals have put some consequence in the form of clothes they wore. Previously people started desiring to be obvious from the “crowd” and be dissimilar from other people by means of unreliable their clothes. These days, fashion is occasionally described as a “regularly changing style, favored for lively rather than practical, rational, or intellectual causes”. However, it is essential to say that at this moment fashion has a deeper affect on the life of individuals. Clothes have turn out to be an essential part of self-realization of everyone.