Fashion Styles


Life in a modern society is far more restricted by fashion than many people realize; fashion is big business, made-up by original designers and controlled and promoted by business magnates for profit. Moreover, it affects not only clothing, but almost every aspect of daily life from the kind of house we live in, to the kind of book we read. When most people think of ‘fashion’, they think of clothing women’s clothes in particular. The famous designers produce them according through their own ideas, and in doing so create new fashion trends which may or may not be popular.
It was man in the old days who, like the male bird, dressed himself in ‘fine feathers’ — not so much woman. In Britain, for instance, the 18th century brave in his velvet coat tie ruffs and powdered horsehair was wonderful to see. But since about 1820, fashion decreed that to look ‘male’ meant to look sad and men’s clothes have never recovered from the change, or indeed changed very much since then. Women, however, have more than made up for them. Today, even the most remote and primal of them try to obtain Western clothing, shoes, etc- while the richer ladies of more developed countries spend annually millions of pounds real or US dollars on the latest ‘model’. These are first produced in the famous fashion houses of Paris, New York, London and Rome.
Clothing and Fashion of Today’s Society:
The role of clothing and fashion is something that has required our society for a very long time. With time fashion is more than just the style in which something is done, it’s no longer a outline, it’s also a manor of doing something even a custom, or appearance. The clothing or the fashion we wear marks our “statues” as well as our personality among those individuals that around us.
Every country has its own culture of clothing; in Pakistan, mostly people use shalwar and kameez to wear. But in Indian traditional custom saree, dhoti, kurta and shalwar is vital. With the passage of time, cultures are changing about clothes.
Positive and Negative Sides of Fashionable Clothing:
Now days, people wear fashionable clothes to show his personality and his reputation. In past clothes are just worn to cover body and there was no fashion. Rich and poor people wear same cotton clothes and there were no difference in their identity and look alike. Slowly the scope change, the rich people started to wore gold accessories and started to use pure silk in their clothes to show difference. The trend change further and fitted clothes were started and then fashionable clothes were started.
There are many positive points of wearing fashionable clothes but it shares some negative points also. The positive things about fashionable cloth are that it shows people’s reputation, personality and progressive nature and negative side, sometimes these clothes shows wrong identity of people that it helps to make other people fool or cheat. Fashionable clothes show your personality, progressive nature, and so on.

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