Fashion Styles


Now a day everyone tries to look beautiful, for it they adopt all methods. Market is full of new products that are using for beauty, many women are using these products even than they don’t care these products can damage their skin. In old era, many people make homemade products. But now in these products, many perfumes and artificial things have added that becoming the reason of side effects.
If you will look at old period, people were used halide for face and hands. Their faces and hands were fresh and charming. But now, teenager girls and boys have faster than their elders in fashion. In fact many college going girls adopt makeup in colleges and schools, and boys are also wear strange jeans and shirts. They think it is beauty but too much fashion in negative way is not beauty.
Now it has become culture that you will not consider them who are simple. So fashion has its tight grip on our minds. Many people are in inferiority complex because of fashion. Fashion is necessary but you should adopt it in a simple way. Allah creates all human beautiful. Different products can lose your beauty and charming. Many women are considerations only on makeup but not on dress. Your dress is reflection of your personality.
Our Religious Islam, focus on simplicity. Holy Prophet (PBUH) always gives the lesson of simplicity. He adopted simplicity in His dress, food, and in everything. It is needed that simplicity should be trend because of teenagers. They are adopting fashion in negative sense. Teenagers should adopt natural methods not artificial methods.
Teenagers are impressed by glamour. They want to look like a model. For it they are crossing all limits. Fashion is a good source of looking beautiful but adopts it in ethics. People impress the actresses’ dresses just like jeans and short shirts. If you wear that type of dress and go out for shopping in market especially in Pakistan, many people but almost people will critics you, because it is not our culture.
Many women wear jewelry in causal use. It should not be heavy. In office, college, school, university or home you cannot wear heavy jewelry. You will look over. Light jewelry is trendy. Simplicity has its own beauty. Beauty is in the eye of others. Trough fashion you cannot like yourself. If you wear langha in home, college or office, what will be the reaction of others? Langha is worn in wedding ceremonies.
You can apply makeup but in simple way. Heavy makeup looks good in television but not in our causal life. If you want to look fresh, beautiful and adorable then don’t use heavy makeup, and use branded beauty products. Local products can dead your skin cells. Teenage girls especially college going girls adopt heavy blush on that don’t look natural. If you want to pink your checks, eat fresh food; fruits, vegetables and drink fresh juices. Many people spend money on beauty products but not on food. It is bad way to look fresh and glowing.

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