Bangles are expression of happiness. Bangles are much important for beauty in women’s life. Bangles are much important on Eid and weeding occasions. Bangles are a bracelet worn on the wrist and are generally round in shape. Bangles became famous in the 1980’s and are available in all shapes and sizes. Women wear bangles according to their dress color.

Bangle Bracelets are available in countless designs and different styles. The following are some different types of bangles.
• Wooden bangles are made up of high quality and soft wood. It is available in all colors.
• Stainless steel bangles are one of the favorable among women of different age. These bangles are also very less expensive but fashionable and long lasting.
• Sterling silver bangles are also one of the most famous by the international buyer. These bangles are generally presented in modern designs.
• White metal bangles are very stylish designed in different countries. These stylish bangles can be worn on any functions.
• Stylish plastic bangles are available in a range of colors and designs.
• Pretty glass bangles are accessible in various colors and design. Right away from stone crusted bangles to zari bangles, from beaded bangles to glitter bangles.
• Solitary and colorful stone bangles made in different cuts, design and style.

There are a range of bangles made from reasonably priced materials are all in demand over the globe. The move in buyer trends from fine jewelry to costume jewelry is the main reason of the increasing fame of these designer items.

Women wear bangles, metal and leather and get them at a selection of places. The good thing about bangles is that they can get some really great pairs for very inexpensive. A bangle can change the style of a look.

Many women have a drawer full of bangles. The bangles came as sets. They are just fun silver and gunmetal thin bangles that can be paired with anything. Many women wear them all the time, most often just with dress color. Bangle is an accessory for women which are not more expensive. Bangles are the compliment of the women dress. Wearing bangles is looking so attractive.
Bangles have different shapes. In rectangle and triangle, bangles are also available. Indian bangles are more famous among women. Now a day, designers have introduced many colors and shaped bangles. Bangles are the main part of traditional ornaments of Woman belongs to South Asia mainly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In weddings, parties, family functions and other occasion bangles is the main thing of jewelry. Gold, glass, silver and other handmade bangles are in fashion. Hyderabad and Rajasthan are famous for their bangles. Women from all the categories of age like bangles to wear. Price of bangles is ranging from hundreds to thousands or even in lacks in case of diamond work. These prices depend on two main factors that are metal used and artifacts or further work on metal.

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