Fashion Beauty Tips


In Pakistan, there are too much variation and varieties in clothes. All teenage and fashionable girls think about new styles and trends. When any wedding comes, they focus on all wearing stuff. They go for purchasing fancy and beautiful dresses. Today our media is too much fast that inform us about all new styles and fashions. When the season of wedding starts, firstly women go towards boutiques and designer dresses only saving their time. Mostly like to wear designer dresses because they don’t have time to spend on searching fabric and its material. It is natural that women are crazier about shopping as compare to men. They are more conscious about beauty.
Long Shirts:

A girl who wants to look graceful and beautiful can wear long shirt with plazzo, chori punjama, trousers, shalwar and jeans. In this modern era everyone is competing to each other. In fancy long shirts, girls can select many colors combination. Unique and modern color schemes also increases the personality of someone in wedding. Many embroidery long shirts are available according to your personality. Laces, beads, star, and diamond work enhances the beauty of dresses.
In Pakistan, when we talk about wedding hoe it is possible, girls don’t wear frocks. In all function, one day is selected by girls to wear frock. Teenage girls are crazy about frocks. Every designer presents different types and colors frocks in every single season. Frocks always in them are not out of fashion in any season. Girls look very elegant and stylish in frocks. They wear frocks with plazoo, jeans, chori punjama, and trousers. In frocks many like to wear light color. Here are some brands which are presenting elegant frocks:

1. Threads:
The very famous name of Pakistani brands, it is presenting a large number of frocks for beautiful girls in fancy stuff. They make frocks stylish and trendy by giving them the touch of self prints with embroidery, laces, beads and tila work.
2. Needle Impression:

It is the top Pakistani brand they are presenting angrakha frocks in different colors and styles. Their collection is best for wedding and party frocks for stylish girls.
3. Maria. B:

In Pakistan everyone knows about the collection of Maria. B. when women go for shopping, firstly they go to Maria. B outfits. She has a large number of varieties for elegant girls.

In 2014, women liked to wear gowns in different styles. Many designers presented these gowns. In 2015, they like gowns but only in weddings. Many new stylish and beautiful gowns present by designers. They use silk, chiffon, cotton, lawn, net and much other stuff of fabrics. Maria. B and many other designers use silk in printed and plan fabric for shirt and for upper gown they use net and chiffon fabric. They apply laces, beads, embroidery and many more things on gowns. Gown is the 90s fashion. With the passage of time, it has become trendy and stylish.