Fashion Beauty Tips


Eyeshade is much vital part to of makeup. Your eye’s look totally changes because of eyeshade. Most of the people firstly look your eyes. It is not necessary that you should have to big eyes. It is not true that big eyes are most attractive. Many small eyes have much attraction and brightness. Many big eyes are not much attractive and bright. Those people who don’t have attractive and bright eyes, they should use such eyeshade which give attraction and make it prominent on face.
Women are more conscious about looking sober but attractive. They adopt different methods of makeup for looking beautiful. Mostly when wear green color dress; they apply eyeshade on eyes in green color. It’s looking too much awkward. You should apply opposite color. It has seen when you wear dark color dress then light makeup looks sober. In light color dress you should apply dark color makeup. If you wear pink color dress and want to give yourself a dramatic look then you should make your eyes black smoky or brown smudged.
Neutral color eye shadows such like brown; taupe’s, beige and pink are perfect to defining your eyes. These colors enhance the beauty of your eyes. To enhance the colors of eyes you should adopt these eyeshade colors with all type and color dresses. Blue colored eyes look gorgeous with the gold, peach, chopper, and golden brown color eyeshade. For green eyes purple, plum, mauve and grey color eyeshade will be best. Hazel eyes look beautiful with yellowy brown, gold, taupe’s and green color eyeshade.
All women want to give themselves a dramatic and gorgeous look in all dresses. You should also apply eyeshade according to season and place. In summer season, if you use blue, and black color eyeshade. It will not give you beautiful look so choose light color in summer season. In winter season, everything looks fresh and beautiful so apply dark colors. In bridal makeup, eyeshade matches with clothes which give you glamour look. You should take care about jewelry. Mostly women like to wear matching jewelry; they should apply matching makeup too.
When you wear red dress, and then apply black smoky eyes which will give you dramatic look. Red dress is such color dress with it most of the colors match. Black smoky eyes, golden color eyeshade with red dress give you dramatic look. Red dress mostly wears in office, wedding and party. In party and wedding you can apply these eyeshades. Black is common in causal as well as in party wear. When you wear black dress you should apply golden, sky blue, grey, and brown color eyeshade for looking beautiful.