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Hijab is an Arabic word. Its meaning in Arabic is barrier and screen. Islam has presented Hijab as the part of life for women. It creates decency and modesty in you. Hijab is the source of protection for women from outer men. Hijab identifies women as the followers of Islam. Hijab is not only a covering dress in fact it is behavior, manner, speech and appearances in public. Wearing of Hijab will tell others that you are a Muslim woman.
Islam has not fixed standard of dressing but Islam focuses on Hijab. Muslim women cover themselves with it so that other men cannot see their beauty. Hijab is necessary in the age of 12 years for girls. It covers your head. Hijab is a good source of modesty, decency, dignity and respect for all over world women. Women mostly wear Hijab before outer men who do not belong to their family.
Now a day Hijab has become fashion. Women are wearing very stylish and trendy Hijab. Hijab around your neck give you a new way of fashion with Islamic norms. Hijab maintain the privacy and modesty of women. Some styles of Hijab are presented here:
Street Hijab:

Style is always energy. Islam women mostly apply street Hijab fashion. In street hijab, women use two clothes. One cloth is for head covering and second for head coving along with chest covering.
Contemporary Hijab:

Contemporary hijab is called also wedding hijab. Women use it only in wedding as a fashion in neighbor countries. It covers hair, throat, ear and upper body. Hijab is necessary for women because it permit them to attend parties with their family.
Turkish Hijab:

Turkish hijab is liked by all women. It is go covering up put on by Islamic women. Colorful headscarf made from cotton and silk. It is very comfortable. It has many designs.
An Easy Hijab:

In this style, women wear simple scarf and dupta. They cover their head with scarf with simplest way.
Arabian Hijab:

Hijab is a symbol of Muslim ladies. It gives graceful personality. Arabic hijab is best for outdoor. Simply wrapping up the hijab can make you stylish. Firstly this style was adopted by Arabians but now in Pakistan all women like to wear this style.
Sides Braid Hijab: