Clothes are the reflection of personality of both men and women. Women are more conscious about dressing when they go out to home. Clothing’s importance increases when women are office going. In daily bases affairs office going is included but some women and men are more conscious about dressing during office time. They create problems that what they should wear for office. It is true women as compare to men are very worry about dressing during office time.

Your dressing also varies to your job sector. In private sector; both men and women are ordered that they should be looked professional. If they are not clothing conscious, that sectors make them conscious about their wearing. But in government sectors; it is totally opposite. There is no any restriction about dressing. With the passage of time, they leave the care about dressing. Mostly men wear shalwar kameez. It’s looking causal.

You should adopt that dressing which is according to your office. Don’t make fashion your weakness. It should be your strength. Some women wear very bright dresses, they should avoid it because it shows your personality and thought. It is also necessary that your office dress should be beautiful, trendy, stylish and elegant. Don’t wear very weird dress that people consider you very poor. Office going women’s sober dressing make them respectful before others as well as sober and elegant dressing leave a good image at outers.

Your dressing tells others about you. If you wear sober dressing then people will take care when they talk you. Some women wear very bright just like full embroidery dress, they don’t care about anyone. They apply heavy makeup and wear their party dress. It is totally weird. This can change your totally image before others. Your colleagues will not respect you anymore. Light makeup, sober dressing, your communication style, jewelry selection and footwear make you elegant and stylish in office, so care is necessary and choose trendy but sober.

Formal dressing can increase your personality. When you go out for office, once look yourself thoroughly on mirror. Mirror cannot lie. Make sure that you are perfect for office. We should not forget our culture and tradition. Now many designer dresses have come in market which you can choose for your office. Beautiful stylish dresses are available which enhance your personality. Everyone knows very well that what is good for their personality.

During office time, in office don’t wear short shirt with shalwar. It will look immature. In office, you should be looked responsible and mature. In many offices, it is allowed to wear short shirt with skinny jeans. It will give you elegant look.

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