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Deepak Pawani is a most famous and talented Pakistani fashion designer and actor. He belongs ti Hindu community but he is a Pakistani citizen. He feels good when he plays with different colors and ideas. It is the main reason that we see uniqueness and difference in his designs. Recently he presents new collection in blood red, purple, and black in variety of dark colors. He always uses soft and hot colors. He is running his own boutique in Pakistan. He participated in different National and International shows and presented his collection in trendy and different colors. He presents many varieties such like; bridal dresses, formal wear, party wear as well as men wear such like kurta and sharwani.

Deepak Pawani is also winning the award of best designer in Lux and Indus Style awards and Guinness world record holder largest kurta. Selection of colors in sharwani and bridal dresses make him World famous designer. He never follows up the traditional and cultural base designing. He tells people that what they wear and how they wear. He launched his women collection line in 1996. He opened flagship shop in Zamzama. He does four lines in a year. His philosophy and colors theme make him famous and most favorite among people. He participated in many shows at National and International level; Dubai Fashion Show, Zargalli Premier, and many more. In 23 years age he selected as a brand ambassador for the World Gold Council after some years he selected as the Pakistani Cultural Ambassador to China and Malaysia.


Deepak Pawani says about fashion that fashion is the name of lifestyle and lifestyle is the reflection of traditional dresses. The best quality of fashion enhances your personality. He also says that “events of fashion weeks are good news for Pakistani fashion industry. There were times when fashion and bridal weeks were not arranged in Pakistan. But now these events are an encouraging sign. New models, designers, makeup artists and photographers get a chance to display their talent due to these events. International buyers also come to these shows; they not only appreciate our work but also give orders. Important thing is that foreign journalist are surprised to see the work of Pakistani fashion and fashion designers, that Pakistani designers are capable enough to design such fashion. It can be justified if I say fashion shows are providing earnings to many persons.”

These designers are the asset of Pakistan fashion industry. When they play with colors then we find beautiful and elegant colors. Pakistan has many talented designers.

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