Home decoration is not the trend of this age but in ancient when human being was lived in cave, he was decorated it according to that time. In caves, he drawn lines in the shape of animals, flowers, plants and birds from the stones. It was the way of decoration of that time. It proves that human being has very interest in home decoration by nature.
When you will go to anyone home you will draw a sketch of that home’s woman in your mind by seeing home decoration and cleanness. Home decoration reflects on your personality. So you should keep in your mind some things when decorating your home:

1. Repairing:

Firstly, you should see that which portion is important for decoration. Then see that repairing is necessary or not. Check paint may be it needs repairing. Check the floor tiles they are needed repairing or polish or not. If these things are necessary, then do it first.

2. Paint Color:

You have completed the repairing work. Now you should check the paint color of that portion. Try to use matt paint because it is washable. If children draw any line on wall then you can wash it. White and half white paint colors keep your home broad. So select these colors for walls. It looks very elegant and stylish.

3. Yard:

If your home yard is very big then make a small garden in the corner of the yard. It will enhance the beauty of home. Remove extra things from yard.

4. Theme or Design of Room:

Now it is the time of thinking. When you start the decoration, firstly keep in your mind the size of the room. If your room or that portion which you want to decor is big then use big in size furniture. Window is necessary for room. In summer season you will feel suffocation.

5. Furniture:

Furniture is the necessary part of the home. If you don’t have furniture then your home decoration is incomplete. Furniture should be according to room’s and that portion’s size. Try to use matt furniture. It is easy to wash if it is dirty.

6. Decoration Pieces/Accessories:

When you make plan of home decoration then how is it possible that you don’t concentrate on decoration pieces or decoration accessories. In ancient age, women use different materials decoration pieces for decoration. It is very old trend. These show the interest and talent of woman. It has seen that if you decors your home and don’t use decoration pieces it looks not very good.
If you have decorated your home in western way then choose that decoration accessories which have western touch. But if you have concentrated on traditional decoration then use totally eastern pieces for decoration. Use those accessories which have resemblance to rooms or that portion’s color scheme. If your room’s color paint is in light tone then it is easy to select pieces because all color or type decoration pieces look elegant in that room.
If your room is big then use big pieces and if your room is small then use small pieces. You have selected decoration accessories now it is time to set them on their places. You can décor then on center table, side tables, ranks, walls, floor and cabinet. Many decoration pieces are small so you should hang or put them in groups. You can hang on wall your family picture. You should hang them in different portions not in one line. Home decoration and selection is not difficult but some color schemes and little bit thinking can make your home beautiful.

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