Fashion Beauty Tips


Both men and women want to look gorgeous, charming, trendy and beautiful. For it, they adopt and apply many different products on them. They don’t think that those things can damage their natural beauty. Dandruff is the common problem of both men and women. Dandruff can create skin problems like acne, rashes and low self esteem. Long, shinny, dandruff free, and blackish hair give you charming and glamorous look. Some causes are here because of this dandruff can come in your hair:
1. Limited use of Oil:
Many of us have made it fashion that they are not using oil on hair. Their hair looks all time dry because of it dandruff comes in hair and damages the roots of hair.
2. Hot Water:
When winter season comes many people take bath with hot water. They wash their hair with hot water that can become the cause of dandruff.
3. Regular use of Shampoo:
Mostly men take bath regularly. They use shampoo on daily bases. Shampoo impacts on hair and dandruff comes because of dryness of hair.
4. Improper Brush on Hair:
Many people say that they don’t have time to brush their hair. It can cause of dandruff.
5. Stress:
Stress is the root of diseases. So keep away stress from yourself.
6. Improper Diet:
Mostly women keep them fit, don’t take proper diet. That can cause of dandruff on hair.
Solution comes first then problems come. If you have dandruff hair then you should adopt these tips:
1. Olive oil:
Regular use of olive oil in both winter and summer season can get rid of dandruff. Make it your habit to apply oil regular on hair.

2. Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is best for long hair and dandruff. It has coolness in itself so use it in summer season mostly.

3. Lemon Juice:
Two or three drops of lemon juice twice in a week can give shine to your hair. With the use of lemon juice dandruff can go away.

4. Neem Leaves:
It is the best remedy for dandruff hair. Boil neem leaves in water and then wash your hair with its water.

5. Vinegar:
Vinegar is a best conditioner for dry hair and removes dandruff. Little bit care can make your hair beautiful and dandruff free.

6. Aloe Vera:
It is natural treatment for hair. Aloe Vera is the Allah gift for human being. It is used for many diseases cure. It is best for hair too.

7. Eggs:
Apply egg, oil, lemon juice and yogurt one time in a week will make your hair beautiful and dandruff free.

8. Branded Shampoo:
Don’t use that shampoo which has low cost with low quality. It wills damage your hair totally. Use always branded products. Use those products which have the complete address and approved.

9. Yogurt:
Regular use of yogurt will make your hair beautiful and attractive and dandruff free.

10. Tree Tea Oil:
All types of oil according to season are best for our hair. Half warm oil use on hair and then cover hair with towel or any cloth for 30 minutes; it will free your hair from dandruffs.