The first mechanical computer is introduced by Charles Babbage. First time he added and subtracts word by computer in 1822. There are many different concepts of different people. Everyone is estimating about the invention of computer. No record is available which one is best.
Pakistan is now progressing in the technology. Arfa Kareem is the best example of it. She was a good source of Pakistan. She learnt computer at the age of 5 years. Pakistani generation want to use and purchase new technologies. You will see that all homes in Pakistan have new technology. Those people who cannot afford expensive, they will buy lower price technology. Technology has become the necessity of life.
Computers are also included in technology. It is true, now children know about the use of computer. They play different games and make assignments or projects on it. Computers are used in offices and even at homes. Computer is also called PC (Personal Computer). It has many accessories: motherboard, hard disk, mouse, keyboard, processor, RAM, ROM and further accessories. Many people say it Desktop Computer too.
China has left America in new technology. China has introduced Tianhe 2 computer into market. It is Super Computer. It has the ability of addition and subtracts 54.9000 words in a second. No doubt, China is such country which has left all over world in technology. China is progressing day by day. Computer is using in education field, business affairs, and in medicine companies. It is the necessity of life. In all office, you will see the use of computer.

Computer Addiction among new Generation:


Many brands have introduced such like Dell, HP and Compaq. Our new generation is addicted by computers. They are using it in a negative way. Computer addiction is not only effected on computer users but also on family members. Their behavior towards their family is totally changing. Their study is effecting, they don’t like to spend their time with their family and friends. They are making their friends on computers and chat with them all the time. Computer addiction is the main source of behavior addiction.
Computer use is not bad at all but too much use is affected on their behavior. Innocence of children is destroying. Many games on computers are more complicated and interesting; teenagers spend their more time on computer games. There are many such type of games that are violent that is making teenagers violent liking. Our young people spend their much time on playing these games. Many online games also have introduced. Youngsters give them online all the time because of it they don’t give their time to their study, food and parents.
Sorry to say, we are immature nation that we are not getting benefits from computer. Pakistan has many it experts and software engineers but they are not utilizing their ability in good sense and for the progress of Pakistan. Today, the prices of computers are less, everyone can afford it. People purchase computer only for playing the games and watching movies. It is shameful that we have many experts of computer but we are still there. Many countries are using technology as a weapon.

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