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Coke studio is the voice of Nation. Coke studio idea came from the Brazil. In Brazil a team started advertising of Coca Cola by the help of Nokia. They were wanted to introduce Coca Cola Zero calories. That team gave the idea of music for youngsters. They were wanted to attach with teenagers. After it, Pakistan presented Coke Studio. The idea of Coke Studio was totally different them. They mixed Coca Cola and Nokia but Pakistani Coke Studio mixes the multi music and bands on National and International level.
Coke Studio in Pakistan started from 7th June, 2008. In it many singers and musicians gave their live performance from all over the World. They took musicians from other countries too. This program is produced by Rohail Hayyat and Umbr Hayyat with the help of Coca Cola. They focused on various diverse influences in Pakistan; eastern classical, folk, qawali, bhangra, hip hop, sufi, rock and pop music. This mixture gave them uniqueness in all over the World.
Coke Studio is totally the idea of Pakistani singers and musicians. They mix sufi kalam with pop which is famous in all over the World. In this program, Pakistani talent is jointed with International trained musician in both traditional and contemporary instruments from Italy, Morocco, Norway, Turkey, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Coke Studio is promoting Pakistani culture at International level. It gave the extraordinary and unique identity to Pakistani music in the globe.



Many singers who sing in Coke Studio, they feel them lucky to work at that plat forum. Abida Parveen, Arif Lohar, Abrar-ul-Haq, Sajid Ali, Atta ullah Khalwi, Abbas Ali Khan, Akhtar Channal, Asrar, Farhia Parveez, Humera Channa, Javed Bashir, Jawad Ahmed, Meehsa Shafi, Komal Rizvi, Rahat Fathe Ali Khan, Sanam Saeed, and many more. They all performed very inspiring way. Many songs of those singers are famous at International level.



It is true that all songs and their lyrics are heart touching but some songs are very famous among people. These are:
Tou kiya hwa (Bilal Khan)
Nindya re (Kaavish)
Ik Arzo (Jal)
Baageshri (Mole)
Aj Latha Naeeo (Javed Bashir)
Sari Raat (Noori)
Kuch Ajab Khail (Shafqat Ammanat Ali)
Chal Diyay (Zab & Haniya)
My Happiness (Sajid & Zeeshan)
Garaj Barras (Ali Azmaat)
Jal Pari (Atif Aslam)
Dastaan-e-Ishaq (Ali Zafar)
Aik Alif (Noori & Saieen Zahoor)
Piar Nal Na Sahi (Atta Ullah Khalwi)
Jugni (Arif Lohar)
We are proud that new, dynamic and innovative ideas presented in Coke Studio which has Pakistani music on the top of the globe music. All singers and musicians feel proud to work with Coke Studio because of its different and unique style.

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