Trends change and come with new styles. Few years ago, handbags or shoulder bags were famous among women. If women go out without hand or shoulder bag, it looks different. Handbags have become the fashion of this modern era. Now clutches have placed the handbags. People like to pick light weight things. Women especially teenage girls who are college going like to pick that clutch which is matched to their dress. Classic clutches like very much. Clutches come into market in versatile designs and colors.

There are various different sizes of clutches for women. Women use clutch bags only in parties because it is small and not easy to carry for long hours. In it, you can put some necessary things. Even it has stylish metallic strap or chain to carry and hold in shoulder in modern era. Theses bags are totally designed for fashion and showing attitude. These are used in formal and informal events which give you classy and chic look.
Many women match their shoes with clutch bags. Designers use many type of patterns. Leather, synthetic material, metal and many more are used in it. The basic design for a clutch is an articulated frame with a cloth bag wrapped around it. It is designed as you can put your mobile phone and money in it. Many have not strips so they carry in hands.
Hand Bags:
Hand bags are large as compare to clutches. It has a large variety of colors, sizes, and styles. It has more space to carry things. Many new style of hand bags have come.
Tote handbag is large and double handled bag with an open top and open main compartment.

Shoulder bag has large strap which is carried by shoulder. It is easy to use. It is also large in size.

Shopper bag is a rectangular bag which is best for shopping.

Hobo shoulder bag that is feature as slouchy posture, scoped center and long strap.

Bucket bag is larger than others. It is rounded bottom and shape like a bucket.

Bowling bag is resembled with bowl and has shaped like that.

Coin Purse is used to put coins and other small accessories.

In Pakistan, Stylo, ECS, Metro, Cross Roads, Chen One and many more brands have hand bags and clutches. They have the collection of causal use to wedding use. They have a large number of varieties. Now you can buy hand bags and clutches online. Daraz is its best example. There is large variety you can see online. Handbags carry large amount of accessories or stuff of yours. Few years ago women choose only white, black and cream color bags but as fashion is changing, the varieties of handbags are coming in new styles.
In 19th century, handbags were common. In this century handbags came with beats and metals. Women were liked to carry net handbags. In 20th century, gold jewelry base handbags were liked by upper class women. It has become fashion to carry handbags with new styles with stylish dresses.

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