Fashion Beauty Tips


Every woman wants to look fresh and gorgeous even at home parties and office. For that purpose, they adopt different styles and ideas which can be looked over. Many women don’t have fresh skin. After applying makeup, their skin appears duller. At home parties, too much use of makeup leaves bad impression of your personality. So, apply makeup in which sense that your skin looks fresh and natural.

Right Material:
Make sure you have right material. It is not necessary that you should have to buy expensive and shinning makeup material. You can buy cheap price material of high quality. For home party makeup, you need matte makeup not shinning makeup.

Now you need concealer for glowing skin and hidden all pimples and dark spots. Concealer gives you fresh look. Apply it on dark spots in green color and creamy color on pimples. Leave it for 10 seconds.

Your concealer has absorbed in your skin now apply foundation according to your skin color. Don’t use too much foundation. Mix some cream according to season in foundation and then apply it on face. Use makeup brush or sponge for spreading it. Don’t rub it very strictly.
You are going to home party so, you cannot apply dark color in eyeshade. Use silver or cream color eyeshade on eyes. It should be light. Then apply pink color or brown.

Apply brown or dark brown color eyeliner for causal use. It looks natural. Don’t apply very thick eyeliner.
Mascara is essential part for beautiful eyes. After applying it, now your eyes are ready.
Blush On:
Apply blush on in smiley way. Pink or skin color blush on gives you natural and fresh look.

Lip liner:

Now select your lip liner. Draw it around the lips.

Apply pink color lipstick. Avoid brown color lipstick. Brown color lipstick can low your personality. Apply light color in lipstick and then for glowing lips, use lip glows.
Your face is ready for party; now wear sober and elegant dressing with light jewelry. In shoes, wear little bit high heel. You will look very beautiful and eye catching.