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In the fashion industry, fashion designers mostly prepare those dresses which are fitted to your body. Women choose dresses for causal use or for special occasions. If you look at the history, several of external influences and internal satisfaction have motivated women across the globe regarding their choices in clothing. While clear aspects, such as safety and warmth are some of the factors that a woman wears the clothes she chooses it, clothing also represents as a strong way to describe personality and identity.

Modesty is different for each and every place in time, over the years it has played an important role in women’s fashion. Modesty is vital for women clothing. It varies to culture and sub culture of all over the regions. Some cultures still sustain the aspect of modesty in women’s fashion.

Even then, in Muslim cultures, women cover most of their body in public places. They do fashion in the limits. Dopata is vital part of their clothing. This has build up a broad-ranging market of lengthy and concealing garments in cotton, wool, polyester, silk, rayon, and denim. Common clothing Hijab is under scarves.

It is observed, most women like to wear sickly black dress for night parties and choose pents that are matched to their eye color, it can create an attractive personality. It is saying, “First look is the last”. The perception of beauty has changed, now people impress those dresses that are according to up dated fashion. Now they wear those clothing that can make them attractive and appealing.
Women choose dresses according the occasions and their skin color. If a black lady wear black dress, what she will look. For looking attractive, you must wear that dress which is full of sober looking. Women should choose clothing according their age and status. In Pakistan, lawyers, doctors, and many other professions are identified by their clothes choice.
In weeding ceremonies, women’s clothing is totally changed as compare to causal. They like to wear that clothes which are made by designers. That ceremonies and occasions have their importance in women life. They like to wear sarihi, gown with chori punjama, forack, shalwar kameez, short shirt with plazo. Mostly use bright colors.
It would be an understatement to say that fashion influences just clothing; in fact, to be very specific fashion influences almost every aspect. There is a popular saying that clothes make the man, but is this saying applicable or relevant in the present world. Has the information conveyed by fashion and clothing changed because of the essential changes in the society. The models in the fashion industry are often portrayed as perfect and individuals. This often impairs the self-esteem of the individuals who have less than ideal looks and body. Such individuals are overwhelmed and fashion impacts their life in a destructive way.
Fashion, mostly, impacts on the teenagers. They adopt it in the negative sense. When any one crosses the limits, it would be danger for whom. Pakistani culture is totally changed to other countries. Pakistani women cannot adopt the clothing of European countries.




hair style

Hair style is the source of beauty and good personality. All over the world give the importance of hair styles. Every country has different traditions about it. Everyone in this world have hair on their head. Our hair increase on daily bases at the rate of 0.5 mm. if we see old era, women and men were very crazy and conscious about the hair styles. But in this era, people are more conscious about it. Now people are trendy and fashionable. They adopt different styles. Hair coloring is a common affair at this time.
Many books are available on hair styles and cutting. Hair cutting and style describes your thinking and personality. If you have worn very pretty dress but your hair style is not unique, you will not look beautiful. Women are prominent in hair styles and cutting but now men are also included in it. Because of it now hair dressers spend their more time in the setting of hair. Many hair styles totally change your look.
Some people have curly hair and some have silky. Some have long hair and some have short hair. Everyone’s hair style and cutting is different from others. Women care their hair too much even now men are also very conscious about their hair. But it is natural that women have much hair on head as compare to men. You should adopt your hair style according to their face structure.

Round Face:

Long bob cut will look best for round face.

Long Face:

Mixture of cutting will look gorgeous on long face. Classic forward layer is best for that face. Diamond cutting is best for this face.

Oval Face:

For this face, all hair cuttings look best.
Hair styles are also adopting according to season. In summer season, people mostly cut their hair short. If it is long then they adopt high pony and chotya style. But in winter season, people try to open their hair and they have long hair.
In 2014, women adopt these styles for their hair: bob cutting, short and spiky, blunt bob, long bob, wavy lob, long layers, straight and sleek. In old time, women oil their hair regularly because of it, their hair were beautiful, long, silky and shinning. But now people are too much busy, they don’t have time to care it. Now women use flowers and beats for decorating their hair.
In beauty salons, they especially give attention to hair style of bridal. They adopt hair style according to dress, jewelry and face look. Many apply high jora, and many apply only chotya. It will be according to your face structure. Many shampoos are available in to market which are damaging your hair. Research has shown that in a day, 130 hairs fell from your head. It is normal. But if much hair fell then it is because of shampoo, stress, medicine reaction and so on. Then you should consult your doctor and take treatment. Some people have dark black hair even some have brown.



2014 was the most fashionable year. Fashion changes with the passage of time. Many people love fashion and many more hate. Many fashion ladies, you can see in magazines, televisions, and live. Designers take a modern twist for summer and winter collections. They use bright colors and different unique textures. Many beautiful and fresh models came on the ramp with new innovation. New brands introduce into the fashion world.
Red, blue, black and sand color becomes most famous among fashion industry in 2014. Red and blue colors are famous in every year. With red color dress and charming personality catwalk on ramp, no one can say that he is not inspired. Pakistani models mostly use red color dress. Because this color is enhance your beauty.
High and low heels both introduced in 2014 fashion. Red and yellow colors used in heels. On the ramp, you can see pencil heel. But in causal life, it is difficult to carry pencil heel. Now, people are leaving handbags. They are using pouches. Whish are easy to carry. Many new styles pouches came in 2014. Upper class make on order gold material pouches. In market, you can collect beads and metals material base pouches.
In 2014, necklaces were introduced again. People had left the use of necklaces but now people are using necklaces. Light weight earrings, light weight rings but many more fingers, bracelets were wearing in 2014’s fashion. Pakistani models wear light jewelry. In fact in wedding ceremony, jewelry is in low weight age.
When we talk about makeup, many accessories come in our mind such as eyelashes, lipsticks, eyeliner, lip liner, blush on, foundation and many more. Makeup has a big range of products. In 2014, purple, red and skin color makeup is used by our models. Light makeup on eyes and dark lipstick made models gorgeous. Now, models are using concealer because shortage of time. Orange color lipstick looks brighter and hot.
In 2014 ramp, you can see models in skin, red, blue and sand color lengha and sarhi in different styles. Many new brands introduced by fashion industry. Coming next in the list of famous clothing brands is Gul Ahmed. This fashion brand works to design fashion clothing for women. Gul Ahmed lawn is famous worldwide. Next most popular brand is that of Junaid Jamshed. JJ is specialized in designing fashion wear for men however; it also facilitates women with fashionable and trendy clothing.
Other prominent designers under the fashion label of designer’s name are also very famous and demanding all over the world. These names include Nomi Ansari, Sania Maskatiya, Kayseria, Umar Sayeed, Nishat, Leisure Club, Zahra Ahmed, Firdous, Tabassum Mughal, Shariq Textiles, Chen one, Ammar Bilal, Bunto Kazmi, Lajwanti, Zainab Sajid, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Nilofer Shahid, and Nida Azwer, Sara Safinaz, Satya Paul, Maria B, Al-Karam and Khaadi.
More brands and fashions will come in 2015. 2014 is going on. With it its fashion will go and new fashion will come with new innovation and motivation.



Winter season has come. All weather has its own charm, so it needs special preparation. Sweaters make your personality charming. Yours wear changes with weather changing. With the passage of time human needs are changing. The meaning of fashion is not only wearing new stuff but its meaning is the trend of new sizes and designs of clothes. When weather change, your dresses also change. In winter season, you select sweaters with clothes.
If you will select sweaters according to your dress, it will enhance your personality. Women always search new variety in market, magazines, online and so many other sources. When winter season starts, new styles sweaters come in market for men and women both. You should choose those sweaters which are according your personality and age. Light color sweaters and simple sweaters with unique styles are looked very charming.
Now the trend is changing and people like to wear coats. In the old age, people wear handmade sweaters. Our grandmothers make that type of sweaters for their children, granddaughter and grandson. Choosing of sweaters according to your dress is an art and everyone have not it. If you look at your country tradition, you will find many sub cultures. Every province has its own customs about dresses.
Everyone knows that the winter season is all about fashion clothing sweater. Regardless of women ready to wear sweaters in various sizes and designs. All jerseys are all that is full of great and pure things and give more warmth and protection in winter. There are many of sweaters models are in the bazaar. The best fashion brands Bonanza, Puma, Chen One, and many more. Many sweaters look modern and stylish. All women’s sweaters are available in many colors like red, blue, black, orange and white. Women can just buy sweaters in all colors. There are so many brands their collections for women sweaters to start every year.

You can develop your personality by choosing best sweaters and can look adorable. With the passage of time where the other fashion trends have been grown the trend of Sweater has also just increased and also advanced to much higher level that now people like to wear it in other than just a necessity. In 2014, many new styles have come in to market.

• Open Back Mohair Sweater
• Color block Pullover Sweater
• Cashmere Cowl neck Poncho Sweater
• Color block V-neck Sweater
• Leather Sleeve Merino Sweater
• Faux Fur Sweater Jacket
• Side Zip Turtleneck Sweater

Many new designs are ready to come in 2015. 2014 is almost going. Many sweaters are for men wear. One thing to be aware not uses hot water to dry sweaters. And not hang it after wash. Mostly you should try to dry clean your sweater because after washing with water, it damages its real look. Men mostly use wool and leather jackets. Their favorite brands are Bonanza and Cambridge.



Women in general love to keep themselves always clean and fresh. This is the primary sign of the feminine side, which is inborn and natural for them. Perfumes are part of their daily routine not just for single women but also even to those who are married and have significant others. There are different scents, flavors, and brands that women are superior and using, which could be based on popularity, quality, and price. Among the best perfumes that can be seen in the market, the women’s favorites are the following:
• Dawn
• Kylie Gangue
• Cinema
• Black XS
• Echo
• Escape
Early Use:
There has always been a trade in scents and by the year 2008 perfume had become a $10 billion industry. Today women have fragrance wardrobes of at least six different perfumes, rather than a single name perfume, keeping one special perfume for occasion moments.
People have used perfume, oils and unguents on their bodies for thousands of years in lesser or greater amounts dependant on fashion styles. The early Egyptians used perfumed balms as part of religious ceremonies and later as part of pre love making preparations. Many plants such as rose and peppermint were steeped in oils until a perfumed unguent formed. The unguent was then rubbed into the skin. It’s interesting to note that perfume has come full circle today as more and more of us seek out high quality aromatherapy perfumed oils to use in exactly the same way as our family did.
Products that enhance the feel of skin and the smell of the body have been highly valued in every culture. Trade routes introduced spices to other parts of the world and a wider range of scents could be made. In the past people often mixed their own potions using home methods creating their own aromatherapy products. Many homes had a still room where essences were steeped out of flowers and herbs.
Niche Brands:
Scent is an important part of your identity. It communicates more than your clothes or manner because one can smell you without looking at or talking to you. It’s one of the most delicate yet strong parts of the human sensory experience, as scent can evoke certain memories and give off a certain vibe, desirable or otherwise. Understanding this, fashion brands inextricably fasten fragrances into their brand stories.
• Escada:
Escada is an international luxury fashion group founded in Germany. Escada Beauté was founded in 1990 and saw the release of its first fragrance. The fragrance division launched a series of successful fragrances for men and women throughout the 1990s and continuing in the 21st century. Escada fragrances, like the company’s fashions, are notable for their bright packaging and unusual bottle shapes.
• Burberry:
Burberry is a luxury British design house founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. This house distinguished itself with fashion and accessories, including a now-iconic channel coat and the brands unique and recognizable checked pattern which has become one of the most-copied motifs in fashion. Burberry was granted a Royal Warrant for Clothing from the British Royal Family. In addition to their fashion line and accessories, the Burberry brand offers an exclusive line of fragrances for men and women.
Many more brands have come in to market:
• Cool Water
• Versace
• Charli
• Channel
• Just for Romance
• Black Car
• Boss
And so on.





Khaadi has launched its narrative clothing range and introduced another appealing brand Khaadi Khaas. The brand has been developed for clothing and enriched with modern dress designing. The collection will be a trend setter collection in this winter season 2014-15. Creative designs and intelligent use of colors have made the Khaadi Khaas really Khaas (Special) for the season. Khaadi Khaas Winter Collection 2014-15 has been launched with few dresses but unbelievable ones. Dresses are reflecting the creativity of clothing fashion in addition with innovation.
Local production of khaddar is long forgotten, but passion and tradition brave condition to survive. Khaddi or khaddar, a cloth made out of hemp (high growing varieties of the cannabis plants and its products, which include fiber, oil, and seed) is a combination of raw materials such as cotton, wool and silk, woven on a loom. The fabric owes its popularity to its versatility warm in the winter and cool during the summer.
To make khaddar, approximately 500 strings are passed through four combs, in a process that takes nearly eight hours of work a day, for three days straight. The khaddi sheet (shawl, bed sheet and quilt) which is a result of the 24-hour labor process is often sold to local merchants for approximately RS. 1500.
In a typical khaddi, there are four combs and four paddles to work with which are dug into a ditch. It’s almost like an orchestra, with each component strumming, coordinating, and working with the other. While running one comb with a hand, the worker sitting at the khaddi station moves one paddle with his foot simultaneously, allowing for the vertical threads and horizontal threads to weave together. The process looks simple enough, but it can be tricky as the threads can get easily tangled.
It takes 500 strings in 13 or 14 knots to make a perfectly smooth shawl. The length of the woven fabric is nearly six meters, which is then cut into two pieces for sewing together. Women, who live near their handloom, come and collect the sheets when done and add “tilla” on both sides. Craftsmen long for recognition and startup capital but without local and international exhibitions, their growth in the fashion industry is stunted. Lack of support and low profit margins aside, there are other factors contributing to the death of handlooms.
There are two types of loom; hand and power. Back in the day, hand looms were converted in to the power looms but since the process has become merchandised, power looms has become more common. Though it is now mass products in factories, older generation in Sheen Bagh are still working hard to keep the handmade version of fabric alive, despite meager earnings and high costs. While the new generation is looking at more viable career options, this is the elders’ way of preserving their cherished craft.



Luxury Brands and Lifestyles, Values and Attitudes of Modern Society and Culture is changing. Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends. The manner which people dress reflects economic, political, social standing and self worth. It seems that women and men unconsciously desire to display themselves. Luxury in the fashion industry is usually defined in elements as: silk, gold, silver, and precious stones.
Fashion is necessary all time, but styles change with the time. If you will talk about simple dressing then in 50s century women sew child, gents and ladies dresses at home. Mothers especially were given their daughters the training of sewing at home, therefore their daughters were trained for marriage. Before women felt proud at their training of sewing, embroidery and many more things but in this age, women feel insult at that type of things. Now they are brand conscious. This trend is increasing among job holder ladies. They feel proud when they are talking to their colleagues and say her, my dress is from branded boutiques and my shoes are branded and expensive.
Brand is necessary for our lives or it is the source of inferiority for others which we try to give others. This is only showing off their using stuff. These women are belonging to that society which is elite class. In middle and lower class, human is busy to fulfill theirs necessities, they cannot afford branded products. They have only four or five dresses and one or two pair of shoes, where how they can purchase branded products of 10,000. In this era, they purchase simple dress so that their body can cover from it. This type of showing is increasing complex among these people.
You can purchase branded products in low price from many branded shops but now people are fewer brands conscious but they are in the complex of superiority. They purchase those products which are expensive. Which can superior them from others. We don’t want to criticize them; our purpose is that they should spend their little amount at that people who cannot afford to eat food even two times in a day. This kind of sympathy can create brotherhood among us.
People are not only clothing, handbags, shoes and makeup brand conscious, in fact they are conscious about their household products. They buy those products for their home which is expensive and branded. This has become the fashion that people buy branded products only to tell others. The rise of brand and global status is impact the lives of people. Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Heinz, Coca-Cola, Kodak, and Sears were a few of the initial brands that became common household names by the mid-20th century. Many changes took place in branding, some of the important evolutionary changes were into the front position of modern advertising strategy is branding became a tool used to distinguish nearly homogenous goods. It is not bad that you are brand conscious but it is bad that you are creating complex in others by their branded products.



Handbag is a luxury fashion whose make with fur, leather, cloth and many more material. Whether, handbags are the expression of one person’s personality; who are and where they belong the society, economic, and fashion term. Now, if women purchase their dress then they will buy a handbag matching to their dress color. They buy unique handbags. Handbags have come in different sizes and colors. In Pakistan, when you go for shopping of clothes, there you can find same matching handbags. Cross Road is its best example. Handbags should be both functional and symbolic. Handbags are also an entire to luxury and glamour.
Women use many bags in their life; causal bags, decorative bags, working hours bags and so on. Handbags have become the part of your life. Handbags are such luxury which is necessary for life. It is your consistent partner when you go out to home. In 1980s, women were used silk handbags (purses). Many handbags do not have any identity in the shape of brand. Many local handbags, you can find in your near local market. Many women like to shopping of only handbags. They like to have many more colors and brands of handbags.
Modern Handbags:
Early modern Europeans wore purses for one purpose, to carry coins. Purses were made of soft fabric or leather, and were worn by men as often as ladies. In the 17th century, young girls were taught embroidery as a necessary skill for marriage; this also helped them make very beautiful handbags. By the late 18th century, fashions in Europe were moving towards a slight shape, inspired by the silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome. Women wanted purses that would not be bulky or untidy in appearance. So they used reticules. Reticules were made of fine fabrics like silk and velvet, with wrist straps. Originally popular in France, they crossed over into Britain, where they became known as “indispensables”.
The modern purse, clutch, pouch or handbag came about in England during the Industrial Revolution and the increase in travel by railway. In 1841 the Doncaster industrialist and confectionery entrepreneur Samuel Parkinson ordered a set of travelling cases and trunks, and insisted on a travelling case or bag for his wife’s particulars. Parkinson had noticed his wife’s purse was too small and made from material that would not resist the journey. He specific that he wanted various hand bags for his wife, varying in size for different occasions, and asked that they be made from the same leather that was being used for his cases and trunks; this would distinguish them from the then-familiar carpetbag and other travelers’ cloth bags used by members of other social classes. H. J. Cave (London) thankful and produced the first modern set of luxury handbags, as we would recognize them today, including a clutch. These are now on display in the handbag museum in Amsterdam. H. J. Cave did continue to sell and advertise the handbags, but many critics said that women did not need them, and that bags of such size and heavy material would ‘break the backs of ladies’. H. J. Cave ceased to promote the bags from 1865, and concentrated on trunks instead, although they continued to make the odd handbag for Royalty, celebrities or to celebrate special occasions. However, H.J. Cave resumed handbag production in 2010.



Glasses as fashion ornament have history. Women are more frequently known for a perfect look that spurns practical considerations such as seeing. They are style-conscious but short-sighted, experienced a strange feeling. Although many people like their glasses, they are too self-conscious to wear them in a professional circumstance, and also have rules outside of work never mixing glasses with eveningwear. Younger brands are now walking this stability, too not trying to be stylish, instead they’re aiming for classic, wearable design.
The sun is the outer space mother to every creature on Earth. Every creature on Earth depends on her heat and light. Without her everything would community in a cold, not fit to live in dark. Yet, the sun is a double edged sword. While it is essential to life, it is also takes life. One type of light the sun produces is the, ultra violet light. Ultra violet light or UV light is known to cause damage to the skin. That’s why people put on sunscreen. UV light can also do damage to the eyes. It would be for people to lay sunscreen on their eyes. The solution is to wear a pair of fashionable and useful sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses while in the sun can protect people from the two different types of UV light: UV-A light and UV-B light.
With the passage of time, now sunglasses are becoming fashion to wear. People use it only for looking graceful and sober. They are using branded sunglasses. In women, they like to wear such sunglasses which are matched to their dresses, hand bags and shoes.
Smart Glasses:
Smart glasses are products that are mounted on the head like normal glasses. Glasses as people know them today with frames that go behind the ears, date from the late 18th century. Even though laser operations and contact lenses are readily available today, there are still many people who wear glasses. Before treatment glasses became ordinary, they were an object of great attention and certain nervousness about what they could do.
Smart glasses are an optics technology based on a Heads-Up Display (HUD), a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) and, in particular, an Optical Head Mounted Display (OHMD). In brief, there is a plastic object at eye-level, through which the user can see both an online, digital world and an offline, physical world. It is, about to speaking, like having a Smartphone attached to the face. However, unlike the Smartphone or other wearable’s and body included technologies, which want the user to look down or away, smart glasses allow one to look straight out at the world without having to rely on the use of one’s hands. This provides a completely different communication situation and fundamentally new applications.
Many people use glasses only for looking smart. It is concept of this era, whose person wear glasses, he should have to intelligent, sober and having good personality. When you wear glasses, your look will be totally changed. Glasses have become accessory of this World.



Life in a modern society is far more restricted by fashion than many people realize; fashion is big business, made-up by original designers and controlled and promoted by business magnates for profit. Moreover, it affects not only clothing, but almost every aspect of daily life from the kind of house we live in, to the kind of book we read. When most people think of ‘fashion’, they think of clothing women’s clothes in particular. The famous designers produce them according through their own ideas, and in doing so create new fashion trends which may or may not be popular.
It was man in the old days who, like the male bird, dressed himself in ‘fine feathers’ — not so much woman. In Britain, for instance, the 18th century brave in his velvet coat tie ruffs and powdered horsehair was wonderful to see. But since about 1820, fashion decreed that to look ‘male’ meant to look sad and men’s clothes have never recovered from the change, or indeed changed very much since then. Women, however, have more than made up for them. Today, even the most remote and primal of them try to obtain Western clothing, shoes, etc- while the richer ladies of more developed countries spend annually millions of pounds real or US dollars on the latest ‘model’. These are first produced in the famous fashion houses of Paris, New York, London and Rome.
Clothing and Fashion of Today’s Society:
The role of clothing and fashion is something that has required our society for a very long time. With time fashion is more than just the style in which something is done, it’s no longer a outline, it’s also a manor of doing something even a custom, or appearance. The clothing or the fashion we wear marks our “statues” as well as our personality among those individuals that around us.
Every country has its own culture of clothing; in Pakistan, mostly people use shalwar and kameez to wear. But in Indian traditional custom saree, dhoti, kurta and shalwar is vital. With the passage of time, cultures are changing about clothes.
Positive and Negative Sides of Fashionable Clothing:
Now days, people wear fashionable clothes to show his personality and his reputation. In past clothes are just worn to cover body and there was no fashion. Rich and poor people wear same cotton clothes and there were no difference in their identity and look alike. Slowly the scope change, the rich people started to wore gold accessories and started to use pure silk in their clothes to show difference. The trend change further and fitted clothes were started and then fashionable clothes were started.
There are many positive points of wearing fashionable clothes but it shares some negative points also. The positive things about fashionable cloth are that it shows people’s reputation, personality and progressive nature and negative side, sometimes these clothes shows wrong identity of people that it helps to make other people fool or cheat. Fashionable clothes show your personality, progressive nature, and so on.