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Many of us who use creams, their face skin and hands skin are white and glowing but their body skin is black or yellow. Some have white and glowing face but their neck is black. It gives your personality bad impact. If you concentrate on your face and hands then you need to spend some time on body. Only face and hands glowing skin is not completed your personality. You need to make some homemade products for body too.
1. Toner

Every day you should use toner on face and neck to remove dust. After removing dust you can apply soap or face wash.
2. Moisturize

Use best moisturize for face and body after or before shower. You can use almond oil or alive oil as a moisturizer. It removes dark spots on skin.
3. Same Family Products

Use same family products; toner, face wash and moisturizer. Same brand products are more effective for skin. Use on body Vaseline coco butter after shower.
4. Hot Water

Avoid to taking bath with hot water. It damages your skin cells and your body looks black and dry.
5. Cleansing Neck, Hands, Foot and Chest

You should be cleansing with good quality cleansing milk lotion to your neck, chest and hands daily. It will get glowing body skin.
6. Low Deodorants Soaps

Avoid using high deodorants soaps on body. Use shower cream it will give you shinning and fresh body with beautiful fragrance.
7. Moisturize Hands and Foots
Moisturize your hands and foots daily in night and apply lotion or jelly especially in winter season.

8. Powder

You should spread powder on the areas of your skin which are touch to other body skin. If your body skin touches other skin again and again it wills dark your skin. So, use powder.
9. Wax
If you have hair on body then removes them with wax and use lotion. Mostly people have black hair on arms that’s why their arms look dark.

10. Milk
Make it habit to drink milk regularly. Milk has many proteins and vitamins. It glows your skin.



Both men and women want to look gorgeous, charming, trendy and beautiful. For it, they adopt and apply many different products on them. They don’t think that those things can damage their natural beauty. Dandruff is the common problem of both men and women. Dandruff can create skin problems like acne, rashes and low self esteem. Long, shinny, dandruff free, and blackish hair give you charming and glamorous look. Some causes are here because of this dandruff can come in your hair:
1. Limited use of Oil:
Many of us have made it fashion that they are not using oil on hair. Their hair looks all time dry because of it dandruff comes in hair and damages the roots of hair.
2. Hot Water:
When winter season comes many people take bath with hot water. They wash their hair with hot water that can become the cause of dandruff.
3. Regular use of Shampoo:
Mostly men take bath regularly. They use shampoo on daily bases. Shampoo impacts on hair and dandruff comes because of dryness of hair.
4. Improper Brush on Hair:
Many people say that they don’t have time to brush their hair. It can cause of dandruff.
5. Stress:
Stress is the root of diseases. So keep away stress from yourself.
6. Improper Diet:
Mostly women keep them fit, don’t take proper diet. That can cause of dandruff on hair.
Solution comes first then problems come. If you have dandruff hair then you should adopt these tips:
1. Olive oil:
Regular use of olive oil in both winter and summer season can get rid of dandruff. Make it your habit to apply oil regular on hair.

2. Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is best for long hair and dandruff. It has coolness in itself so use it in summer season mostly.

3. Lemon Juice:
Two or three drops of lemon juice twice in a week can give shine to your hair. With the use of lemon juice dandruff can go away.

4. Neem Leaves:
It is the best remedy for dandruff hair. Boil neem leaves in water and then wash your hair with its water.

5. Vinegar:
Vinegar is a best conditioner for dry hair and removes dandruff. Little bit care can make your hair beautiful and dandruff free.

6. Aloe Vera:
It is natural treatment for hair. Aloe Vera is the Allah gift for human being. It is used for many diseases cure. It is best for hair too.

7. Eggs:
Apply egg, oil, lemon juice and yogurt one time in a week will make your hair beautiful and dandruff free.

8. Branded Shampoo:
Don’t use that shampoo which has low cost with low quality. It wills damage your hair totally. Use always branded products. Use those products which have the complete address and approved.

9. Yogurt:
Regular use of yogurt will make your hair beautiful and attractive and dandruff free.

10. Tree Tea Oil:
All types of oil according to season are best for our hair. Half warm oil use on hair and then cover hair with towel or any cloth for 30 minutes; it will free your hair from dandruffs.



Pakistan is such country where all religion people live. Everyone’s style is different to each other. Even in Muslim families, their styles are different to each other. Some people are totally typical but some have adopted little bit modernism in their styles. Some people have changed themselves totally according to trends. With the passage of time, wedding styles are also changing. Every religion has its own style and tradition. They decor bridal and groom according to their tradition. Now in Pakistan, traditions are changing. Now bridal applies modern styles in their dressing, footwear, jewelry, makeup even in hairstyle.

Muslim bridals put dupatta on head, it is Muslim tradition. They apply different hairstyle but duppata is necessary. If we see in Christian’s tradition that is little bit modish, they don’t put duppata but they more focus on hairstyle. Mostly, open their hair in different styles. If you put duppata on head then salon experts want to give you heavy look. That heavy look gives you elegant and sophisticated look. Some brides don’t like to heavy look, they like open hair. So, they can give their hair glamour’s look with half up, half down two curly locks loose. Mostly, this style is adopted by Christian bridals.

On mehndi day, most of the bridals open their hair or make a pony. That day they are decorated their hair with flowers. So, they don’t give their hair heavy look. On barat day, mostly give heavy look which enhance the bridal’s personality. On willama day, bridals try to feel comfortable. So, they adopt simple hairstyle. On that day, mostly salon set their hairstyle according to their hair length. Some add curl in down hair which looks superb. Loose curl gives you sober look. One sided ponytail is also that day’s hair fashion. In ponytail, some bridals are fitted flowers which give eye catching look.

Most popular hairstyles among bridals are; up dos, curly or wavy down dos, French twist, buns, half up and half down style, high or low ponytail, slicked back dos, knots and many more. You should choose that hairstyle which is according to your face structure and dress. You should keep in mind the theme of stage and occasion.

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Everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish. For it, they use all type of products and styles even use that things or styles which can damage their face, body or hair. In this modish era, everyone is crazy about fashion. They can pay any amount for looking glamorous and beautiful. Many men and women have curly hair or little bit curl in their hair. They don’t apply oil on it but they rebound them. It is true after rebounding of hair, you look stylish and eye catching but it damages your hair from roots.

Hair rebounding is a process by which the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, rearranged and bonding back again permanently. In rebounding hair dresser uses different chemicals and bonds your hair straight and sleekly. Many women are looked impress by television actors whose hair looks very shinny and beautiful. But fact is totally opposite to it. If you want to rebound your hair then firstly applied shampoo on hair and wash them with it. Don’t use conditioner it can damage your hair very badly. Then hair dresser applied different creams one by one and use an electronic machine that is called straighter. The straighter heat can damage your hair roots and shinning.

After rebounding, your hair needs more and more care than before. Follow up the instructions of your hair dresser and do it as same as she says. Take precautions and use that shampoo which she says. Apply conditioner after shampoo hair, it will repair your damage hair and make them straight. Eat that food which has vitamin and calcium. You must apply oil on hair. Because after rebounding, your hair needs oil. Proper care cannot damage your hair after rebounding. It can give you stylish and modish look. You can make any hair style according to your face structure.

It is natural fact that before rebounding, your hair has little bit curl but after rebounding, your hair is permanently straight. After rebounding, you can cut off your hair. Before rebounding, I you use any accessory on your hair, it leaves its sign in the shape of curl but after rebounding, you can apply any style and your hair will be straight. After rebounding, all curls remove. So your hair looks long as compare to before. You can rebound your hair at home.
Home based rebounding:

It is true, every women wants to look stylish and sophisticated. Straight hair gives you elegant and sober look. Many women go to saloon for hair straightening. That can damage your hair. Here are some steps which can give you capturing look in any party:
1. Wash your hair with branded shampoo. Don’t apply conditioner after shampoo.
2. Now dry your hair. Leave your hair for naturally drying. But if you are in hurry then use hair dryer but on medium speed.
3. After drying, now divide your hair in many parts. Its parts depend on their strength.
4. Now it’s time to relaxant or conditioner applying. Apply it on all portions of hair and cover them one by one. Don’t leave any strand naked.
5. Now give the time to conditioner or relaxant to work on hair. Leave it on hair for 25 to 30 minutes. If you will give more time, it can damage your hair.
6. After the time up, now steam your hair for 10 minutes only.
7. After completing the steam session now remove overall cream. And dry hair.
8. Now apply keratin lotion on hair and then use iron plate to straight the hair. This iron plate is available in the form of straighter from market.
9. Now apply hair serum on all portions of hair. Take care on all steps of rebounding.

coconut and avocado


It is natural that everyone likes long and silky hair. Ruff and short hair totally damage your personality. But many women and even men care their hair very much but it is vain. May be your food chard is not perfect for your hair and skin so keep in mind your food also have very strong impact on your skin and hair. Many of us prefer to buy high quailty shampoo and conditioners for hair growth and silkiness of hair. But they ignore other products such as oil, vegetables and fruits. They are also necessary for healthy and beautiful hair. You can apply homemade products on hair for their growth and silkiness. Some are here:

Curry Leaves & Coconut Oil:
Take some curry leaves and coconut oil and boil them in water. Boil until their water color will be black and now leave their water for cooling. Now apply this water on your hair roots. Apply on hair twice a week.
Castor Oil:

Apply several drops of castor oil on hair and cover your hair with silk cloth or towel and leave them for overnight. In morning, use shampoo and conditioner. Apply this every day.
Vinegar Rinse:

Mix apple vinegar and water and apply on hair 1 or 2 times in a week or month. It will shine or long your hair. Vinegar is available in many flavors. Every flavor is using for different purposes. Vinegar, water and oil mixture is best for hair.
Egg Yolk & Olive Oil:

Two egg yolk and olive oil is best tonic for hair growth. You can apply this 1 or 2 times in a month. Message your hair slowly and softly. Leave it on hair only for 20 to 22 minutes them wash hair with shampoo.
Banana Mask:

Buy a soft and ripe banana and make its paste or grand it in grander. Apply it on hair and cover hair with plastic cap or towel for 20 minutes. Then shampoo your hair. It is not easy to remove banana paste from hair then mix oil and conditioner in paste and apply it. Use this paste one time in a week.
Coconut Oil & Avocado:
Heat up coconut oil for 10 seconds and apply on hair roots. Then make the paste of avocado and apply it on hair with finger tips. Massage it very softly and leave it for 15 to 18 minutes then wash it with cold water and shampoo. Apply this one time in a week.
Almond Oil:

Massage your hair with almond oil and make it habit to apply almond oil twice a week. It will repair your hair and giving them shine.
Henna & Oil:
Henna and oil mixture apply on hair one or two times a month. It will long and shine your hair.
There are so many things that can repair and long your hair. Yogurt, Vitamin E, Lemon Juice and many more things can long your hair.

appl and blend foundation


Before any painting, you need to base this thing for perfect painting. As such before makeup, you need to base your face with different products. These products are foundation, base cream, concealer, stick, serum and many more others. If you apply makeup without these things then your skin can damage very badly. Base and foundation save your face from dust and badly effect of makeup use. But many of us don’t know how to apply foundation on face. They don’t use foundation according to their face color. For perfection you need to apply that foundation which is according to your skin color and environment. Here are some procedures to apply foundation:

Cleansing you face before foundation:

Before foundation, it is necessary for healthy skin you wash your face with high quality face wash or you can do cleansing for removing dust from face and hands. In this way, you can save your face from pimples and spots.
Now it time to apply concealer so apply it on pimples, dark spots around the eyes and any spot of face. Use that concealer which is according to skin.
Select foundation according to skin color:

Many women apply white foundation on their dark color skin. It looks very over. They think that foundation will do white their face and they will be glowing. But by this negative impacts come on your face. Apply that foundation which is according to your skin color. Firstly, check the foundation color on your hand then apply it on face.
Use medium foundation:

Many of us apply very thick foundation. You should apply foundation in medium level. Try to apply foundation with high quality cream. It will give you natural look. Your face will be look out of foundation but glowing.
Choose the right tools:
Choose that sponge or brush which is clean. Many women who don’t have sponge or brush, blend foundation with cloth, it can damage your skin and remove the foundation from face.
Apply & blend foundation:
Now it is time to apply foundation because your face is ready for foundation. Put foundation liquid in different places of face and then blend it with sponge or brush. But blend it softly.

Now your face is ready for makeup. Apply makeup with different style and unique colors.
Some things are necessary to keep in mind.
 Your sponge or brush should be clean.
 Foundation should be according to your skin color.
 Before sleeping, rub all makeup with cleanser milk lotion and face wash.
 Don’t apply very thick foundation.

blush on


Every woman wants to look fresh and gorgeous even at home parties and office. For that purpose, they adopt different styles and ideas which can be looked over. Many women don’t have fresh skin. After applying makeup, their skin appears duller. At home parties, too much use of makeup leaves bad impression of your personality. So, apply makeup in which sense that your skin looks fresh and natural.

Right Material:
Make sure you have right material. It is not necessary that you should have to buy expensive and shinning makeup material. You can buy cheap price material of high quality. For home party makeup, you need matte makeup not shinning makeup.

Now you need concealer for glowing skin and hidden all pimples and dark spots. Concealer gives you fresh look. Apply it on dark spots in green color and creamy color on pimples. Leave it for 10 seconds.

Your concealer has absorbed in your skin now apply foundation according to your skin color. Don’t use too much foundation. Mix some cream according to season in foundation and then apply it on face. Use makeup brush or sponge for spreading it. Don’t rub it very strictly.
You are going to home party so, you cannot apply dark color in eyeshade. Use silver or cream color eyeshade on eyes. It should be light. Then apply pink color or brown.

Apply brown or dark brown color eyeliner for causal use. It looks natural. Don’t apply very thick eyeliner.
Mascara is essential part for beautiful eyes. After applying it, now your eyes are ready.
Blush On:
Apply blush on in smiley way. Pink or skin color blush on gives you natural and fresh look.

Lip liner:

Now select your lip liner. Draw it around the lips.

Apply pink color lipstick. Avoid brown color lipstick. Brown color lipstick can low your personality. Apply light color in lipstick and then for glowing lips, use lip glows.
Your face is ready for party; now wear sober and elegant dressing with light jewelry. In shoes, wear little bit high heel. You will look very beautiful and eye catching.

aloe vera


It is natural every man even woman like black hair color. Black hair gives you elegant and beautiful look. Every color of makeup suits on you with black hair color. But naturally or by some disease, many of us loose the blackness of hair. Their hair damage their beauty and black color. Here are some tips which you can made at home and can black your hair easily.

Gooseberry & Lemon Juice:
Gooseberry is the most famous fruit of India. It is best for skin and hair treatment. Mixture of lemon juice and gooseberry repair your hair and black them again in few months.
Onion Paste:
Onion paste is best to treat with white hair. Rub it on hair scalp and in few days your hair will be black. Apply it on daily bases.

Coconut Oil & Lemon Juice:
White hair destroys your personality and makes you unhappy. If you want to get rid of white hair then apply coconut oil with the mixture of lemon juice.
Carrot Juice:
Regular use of carrot juice not only best for hair even it is best for skin. Your white hair will be black in few days after regular drinking of carrot juice. You can make fresh juice at home.
Sesame Seeds & Almond Oil:
Grind sesame seeds and mix almond oil in it and apply on hair and see result in few weeks. Only almond oil is also best for black hair. Oil give the strength of hair and energy that’s why hair getting black forever.

Honey is best mask of hair. Honey repairs the black hair. After applying honey leave it for 15 minutes and cover their hair with towel and then wash it with shampoo. You can also mix lemon juice in it. But be careful use lemon juice only one time in a week. Otherwise your hair can damage It’s too much use.
Amla Oil:
Amla is the best for strong and black hair. Amla oil apply on hair and make it habit to use o hair 2 or 3 times in a week.

Curry Leaves:
Boil curry leaves in water and after water blacking, leave it for cold. Then apply this water on hair twice a week. Your white hair will be black.
Henna is the best cure for white hair. In market many types of henna are available. Black henna is best for hair. You can apply it with yogurt and oil. Apply it twice a month.
Aloe Vera Gel:
It is natural tonic for white hair. Aloe Vera can plant at home. It’s gel is best for white hair.
Neem Oil:
Apply neem oil on hair and black hair found. Regular use of oil and keep away from stress can make your hair black and beautiful.

cinnamon tea


Smell of mouth and feet becomes the irritation for others and abashment for you. It is researched that the whole body doesn’t create smell, only some parts of body creates smell. In swatting, your body’s some parts get smell that can cause of abashment for you. Especially men’s feet create more smell than women. It is because of shoes. You cannot stay there where they left their socks. Such as if you are talking and smell is coming from your mouth then you cannot talk properly and people will avoid talking to you.
Smell of feet and mouth is cause of irritation for others then think. What was the feeling of those people who has smell in their mouth and feet? You cannot take medicine to get rid of these smells but some homemade treatment, you can do at home:

Mouth smell:
• Drink water in high quantity and toothbrush regularly. When D-Highdrate’s quantity low in your body then it can cause of smell in mouth.
• Lime, orange and sour fruits have vitamin C and vitamin C is the source of freshness o mouth. These fruits cannot create smell in mouth.
• Apple is the best source of get rid of mouth smell. When we cut apple with teeth then beslaver made in mouth that controls smell in mouth. It is the natural that beslaver is the source of mouth cleanness.
• Cinnamon tea makes fresh mouth and breathes. Make it habit that take cinnamon tea one time in a day.
• Mint plant is the best source of get rid of smell. In much toothpaste are available in mint plant flavor. You should use mint plant in food.

Foot smell:
• First of all, take care about the cleanness of foot especially in summer season. You should avoid that your feet should not wet. You should keep them dry and clean. Don’t use only one sock and shoe the whole week. Change it on daily bases. You should put your shoes in open air.
• For removing the smell of feet, it is necessary to use powder or perfume on feet.
• In summer season, use open shoes to get rid of smell of feet.
• Use soap after removing sock and shoes.

Little bit care can save you from abashment and your friends and family members will also spent their time with you.

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Hair is that part of our personality which makes us elegant and different look. If we say that hair style considers much to making personality elegant then it will not true. If your hair cut is not perfect then how can you make a beautiful style? Hair cut makes your personality. Which day you cut your hair, you look different and fresh. Now in Pakistani ladies, short hair cut is getting fame. They like to cut their hair in short because they don’t like to carry long hair in this busy life.

Trends are changing with the passage of time, it is essential for everyone to keep themselves according to trend. If you will adopt trend, you will look fashionable and stunning. For modish and stylish look, working ladies even house wives are adopting new styles. Today short hair cut trend has saved their time, they have not to set hair more. It has become easy for them to carry short hair cut. Cuts change with the culture and tradition, season and status. But bob cut is one cut that is not old with the passing of time. In all eras, it has its value.

Haircuts give you stylish and charming beauty all the time. But in Pakistan, it has become the fashion that before wedding ceremony, bridal cannot cut her hair. Long hair has become the fashion of bridal. In short hair cut, she can look gorgeous and eye catching. In short hair cut, you can set many styles on wedding day. Short hair cut looks perfect on all face structures. Those women who are above to 45 can also cut their hair in short. They also look beautiful and trendy in decent way.

Hair style changes your personality totally. Many women feel difficult to carry hair and to set them on different occasions and causal days. So, if they adopt short hair cut, they can carry them easily and save their time. Every woman wants to give herself different look on wedding, parties and other functions. It is said that your first impression is the last impression. So it should be perfect and gorgeous. In short hair cuts many cuts have presented; bob cut, layer cut, classic forward layer, step cuts, diamond cuts, and many more. These all cuts are eye catching and sophisticated. All age women can adopt these haircuts.