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FASHION:Careers in Fashion Journalism


Fashion journalists are dependable for promoting and revealing all areas of fashion to the public through print, photo, television and digital media. The field is competitive, and to succeed in it, you must be willing to sacrifice extra hours to work. Not only will you be covering fashion events and interviewing important icons, but you also will have to break stories within the industry. When you are not writing, interviewing, taking pictures or filming, you will be networking and attending events at all hours and on any day.
Fashion journalists use their creativity and knowledge of quality fashion to keep up to date on the latest news and trends in the industry. Writers, editors, photographers and art directors play key roles in communicating fashion information to people with personal or professional interests in style.
Fashion Writer:

A fashion writer stays current with ongoing developments in the fashion world. Information is gathered through online or corporate research, events and interviews. The fashion writer uses the gathered information to create articles and in-depth analyses for print and online magazines, city newspapers and fashion blogs.
Fashion Editor:

A fashion editor reads writers’ submissions with a critical eye, correcting errors in spelling, grammar and style. Editor’s work with writers to make sure articles are precise, informative, exciting and free of errors, all while conforming to established guidelines governing taste and style. Fashion editors are involved in the overall planning of publications, including the development of story ideas and the assigning of articles to specific writers.
Fashion Photographer

Photographers use images to enhance the telling of fashion stories. They combine knowledge of style with the creative ability to photograph models and clothing in aesthetically pleasing ways. Photographers may be employed by fashion publications, or they may contract their services as freelancers.
Print Reporters:

Newspaper fashion reporters break stories involving the newest style trends, fashion designer sittings, events and celebrity news. All stories revolve around the clothing, accessories or the high fashion models sporting them. The reporter takes into consideration not only the spin of the designers, but also public appeal and financial investment.


Fashion photojournalists are not fashion photographers. They are not snapping the most attractive shots to sell any product. They are reporting the fashion news. So when models walk down the runway, the photojournalists are taking suggestive shots that will express the entire mood of the event. They’ll focus on the newsworthy bits, such as a fashion failure or super success, a model injury or crowd approval.

Television Reporters and Photographers:

Television photographers fill much the same role as photojournalists for the moving medium. They make video or digitally record interviews and events, choosing stylish close-up shots to mix with wide-angled crowd shots and individual reaction shots during any show or celebration. They film before, during and after the event to get all angles of the story they are covering. They are responsible for sound quality and lighting throughout their shots.

Public Relations:

Public relations are the safest job in fashion journalism, in terms of working normal hours for normal pay. Working for a large company, you’ll spend your days spinning stories to suit the needs of your employer. If an unappealing story breaks, it’s your job to pick up the pieces, organize news conferences and get your business’ side of the story out. You are damage control and promotions rolled into one.

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