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Pakistan and India is famous for jewelry collection. Asian women use jewelry and consider it the sign of beauty. Especially bridal is incomplete without jewelry. Jewelry is represented the culture. Pakistani designers have created many unique and attractive jewelry for bridals and beautiful girls. Brooch is also the part of jewelry which is more famous among young girls. It is very famous for its wide range of styles, designs and subtle.
Everyone knows about brooches. In Pakistan, it has become the trend to use the brooches on dress and hijab. Brooch is broadly defined as the decorative pin which is used on dress. Brooch was known as fibula in ancient time. It was used to attach the dresses together. Now you can find it in all colors. Some make silver, gold, and diamond brooch. It has antique designs. Teenagers like to use brooch on their dresses and hijab because it looks elegant.
Many people like to attach brooches to their dress because they want to look trendy and stylish. Many are not liked to use heavy jewelry, brooch is its solution. Attach only brooch on dress it gives you different look. It looks very attractive and sober if you attach your brooch with dress and coat.
Hijab decorated with Brooch:
Brooches basically designed to pin your hijab. Now brooches design in very unique style and sizes which give you elegant look after attach it. Brooches are available in different color and designs. Brooches are attached with kameez, t-shirt, dupata, hijab and shawal. It enhances the beauty of wearer. Only women can use it. Many designers design jewelry it is also come in jewelry.
Jewelry brooch is only for women. In 2013, it is used very much. It has become the fashion and trend to attach brooch with unique color and designs. In 1930s same shaped pins are used. It can be found in the shape of animals, butterfly, flowers, fruits and vegetables. In ancient women to cover or carry their dupata use safety pins but now these safety pins has changed in brooches. Brooch is decorative and functional item for dress and hijab.
Brooches have been made in various sizes and styles and from diverse materials such like bone, silver, gold, metals, and diamond. It is decorated with unique designs gemstones and jewelry techniques to make it appropriate for use. The brooch can take many types and forms. It can be based on specific shapes as bars, closed circles, rings, triangles, v-shaped, knots, hearts, tie, tree, flowers and many more. The shapes and styles are varying to culture. Brooches are found in large and small sizes. Brooch enhances your personality and gives you sober look.

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