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Fashion industry is on the top peak in Pakistan. New fashions are coming. It looks clearly the trend of competitors in the industry of fashion and clothing. Such persons who belong to fashion industry, work hard and struggle. Where fashion industry has succeeded there fashion weeks are held on weekly bases. When season changes then in many cities, many fashion shows are started. In shows, many super models catwalk on ramp. With the arrival of winter season wedding ceremonies start and according to it, bridal week held.
In Lahore, three days fashion week held under the Pakistan Design Counsel (PFDC). In that fashion show, many famous designers introduced their new design bridal dresses. Many top models catwalk on ramp in beautiful bridal dresses, it looks very adorable. In those models; HSY, Sania Maskatya, Asifa and Nabeel, Saira Sakera, Maheen, Sameel Ansari, Fahad Hussan, and so on was come.
First day show was the name of HSY and second day show was on the name of Ali Zeeshan. The first day of PFDC Bridal Week begins with the collection of HSY. It was the fourth PFDC Bridal Week of HSY. Second designer was Sania Maskatya. It was the second PFDC Bridal Week of Sania Maskatya. Asifa and Nabeel were third designers and after them, the bridal collection of Saira Sakeera came with the name of “Mid Summer Night Dream”. Sana Safinaz wrapped up the event at ‪‎PLBW 2014‬ with a particularly styled collection; representing outstanding layering, using innovative textured fabrics and underlying it with ethnic details. The collection used a lot of antique gold embroideries and popping color stories bringing out very edgy shapes and silhouettes.
Beginning of second bridal week started with the collection of Shameel Ansari. It was the first PFDC Bridal Week of Shameel. The bridal collection of Fahid Hussan was started with the name of “Potli Ghar”. Mehwish Hayyat, Waqar Ali Khan and many other models catwalk on ramp. Many new designers introduced in that show. Second day show was started with the bridal collection of Zara Shahjah. Second day bridal show ended with the collect ion of Ali Zeeshan.
Beginning of third and last day show started with the collection of Nomi Ansari with the name of “Gul”. In his collection, he used modern and old styles. Mavera and Mehwish cat walked on ramp to wear the dresses of Nomi Ansari. After Nomi Ansar collection, Nida Azwar’s bridal clothes with the name “The Galib Collection” showed. In the Nida’s dresses pink and blue colors were common. After her, Misha Lakhani’s dtesses showed.
The establishment of Pakistan Fashion Designs Counsel had started in September 2006. Because of this plat forum all designers shows their designs at one forum. Fashion week has started in February 2010 under the PFDC. That show was a successful fashion bridle show. PFDC is a non-profit organization which intends to establish itself as an enabling platform in the field of fashion design in Pakistan which will work for the development of the fashion industry.

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