Fashion Beauty Tips


In ancient age, women ready for wedding at homes. Salon’s concept was not there. The trend is now changing, everyone knows about fashion. Every girl wants to look gorgeous and trendy at their wedding ceremony. Some don’t like heavy dresses and jewelry but they want to look fashionable. Makeup is the main element at wedding. If you wear sober dress and light but beautiful jewelry but your makeup is not good then you’re totally look will be change. Your dress and jewelry looks dim because of bad makeup. So it is necessary that makeup should be perfect at wedding ceremony.
Every girl doesn’t have same skin color. Choose makeup style according to your face structure. If your skin is not fresh then makeup will not look perfect. Now girls don’t do makeup at home in their wedding, they go to salons for best makeup and skin treatment. Now girls don’t choose heavy makeup for their wedding day, they like to do in light tone and should look original. Bridals are more conscious at that day about their makeup. Some tips are here for best makeup:
Spray Tan:

Before makeup, bridal should spray tan on her face. It will remove dust and keep her fresh.

It is used to balance the makeup. It is varying to skin to skin. Primer is essential for bridal makeup. It gives you natural look and makeup will be long lasting.

After primer, now your face is ready for foundation. Use that foundation which is according to your skin. For oily skin you should use pan cake foundation. Many branded foundation are available in to market for all type of skins. Always use spinach to equal the foundation.

Concealer is best product of 2014. It removes your all spots which are prominent on face. Your face looks fresh after applying it.
Different Concealers:

Use different concealers like dark spots remove concealer, pimples hidden concealer, lips concealer, eyes concealer and chick’s conceler.
Eye Shadow Primer:

Apply eye shadow primer for natural look. You will look fresh and glowing after it.

Cream Blush:

Give yourself a natural look. Apply it on your chicks.
Blush On:

Now apply blush on at chicks according to face structure. Choose color according to your dress and jewelry. Many adopt happy style of blush on. It’s look very gorgeous.
Eye Brow Pencil:

By this pencil set your eye brows. If they are light then apply it on eye brows for charming look.