Safar and Muharam Islamic months have gone. Now it’s Rab-ul-Awal. Muslim families will consider to marriage in this month. Muslims avoid marriage in Muharam and Safar Islamic months. Every woman have dream of marriage. In wedding ceremony, everyone see bridal makeup, jewelry, shoes and dress. So bridal focuses in these things very much. Bridal’s treatment start from two weeks before. They buy their marriage dress before two months before.
Every girl tries to look gorgeous, elegant, beautiful and attractive at that day of happiness. Bridal have four days special; Mayo, Mehndi, Barat and Willima days. In all days, they want to look attractive and fresh. Many colors and designs have come in to market for bridals.



That day, bridal wears simple but unique and colorful dress. She wears shalwar and kameez with dupata. Dupata sets on head. Mostly they use yellow color. That day, elders put mehndi on hand and use oil on hair of bridal. So she should choose half sleeves and loose dupata on head. Many bridals wear frock and chori punjama at that moment.



At that day, no one can say that bridal was not looking fresh and attractive. At that day, she looked very beautiful. Choose that color scheme that enhances your beauty. Mostly bridal are worn shalwar kameez and chori punjama with frock. But now sharara and garara is also famous among Pakistani people. It was old style but now it is adopted again.

Each single day the styles and fashion is changing of mehndi dresses. In the past yellow color was in. but now trend has changed. People mostly use pink, dark purple and green color combination. Some bridals wear long shirt with shalwar or chori punjama of yellow color. This gives them elegant and traditional look.
Mostly mehndi dress stuff is silk, cotton or jamawar. Many have it simple but some use embroidery on dress and some use gota work. Now a day, gota work is in. its look very decent and gorgeous.



Barat day is very special from all other days. That day bridal more focuses on dress because groom sees her. Mostly girls wear lengha with half sleeves. Fish lengha is also wear by bridal. Many use frock and chori. But lengha is most popular among bridals. They choose red and green color combination that day. Because that color scheme is so elegant and beautiful. With those colors makeup scheme is good. Bu now girls choose different styles and colors. Bright color is uses that day.

Chiffon, jamawar and other fancy fabrics are mostly used. Some are self-printed and others plain. Many designers are now using velvet too that looks gorgeous and royal. It’s complemented with chiffon or jamawar choli to look great. Many types of glitter are added to make the lenga choli more attractive and fancy. Dabka, pearls, gota, stones and other decorative materials are used. Mirror and kundan is also added into it to make stylish patterns. Stones are very popular because these sparkle in the light. These are available in all colors.



That day is tidier day. That day mostly bridal wear frock with choridar punjama. They use light makeup and light color in dress. Many wear sarhi. But mostly cannot carry sarhi easily so many avoid it. Bridals wear long embodied shirt, long open shirt with lengha, anarkali dress, long streaming anarkali frock,and long frock. They use light jewelry that day so their makeup is also light. They use pink, purple, pitch, magenta, green and sea green colors. Those colors are soft and elegant.

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