Fashion Beauty Tips


It is natural every man even woman like black hair color. Black hair gives you elegant and beautiful look. Every color of makeup suits on you with black hair color. But naturally or by some disease, many of us loose the blackness of hair. Their hair damage their beauty and black color. Here are some tips which you can made at home and can black your hair easily.

Gooseberry & Lemon Juice:
Gooseberry is the most famous fruit of India. It is best for skin and hair treatment. Mixture of lemon juice and gooseberry repair your hair and black them again in few months.
Onion Paste:
Onion paste is best to treat with white hair. Rub it on hair scalp and in few days your hair will be black. Apply it on daily bases.

Coconut Oil & Lemon Juice:
White hair destroys your personality and makes you unhappy. If you want to get rid of white hair then apply coconut oil with the mixture of lemon juice.
Carrot Juice:
Regular use of carrot juice not only best for hair even it is best for skin. Your white hair will be black in few days after regular drinking of carrot juice. You can make fresh juice at home.
Sesame Seeds & Almond Oil:
Grind sesame seeds and mix almond oil in it and apply on hair and see result in few weeks. Only almond oil is also best for black hair. Oil give the strength of hair and energy that’s why hair getting black forever.

Honey is best mask of hair. Honey repairs the black hair. After applying honey leave it for 15 minutes and cover their hair with towel and then wash it with shampoo. You can also mix lemon juice in it. But be careful use lemon juice only one time in a week. Otherwise your hair can damage It’s too much use.
Amla Oil:
Amla is the best for strong and black hair. Amla oil apply on hair and make it habit to use o hair 2 or 3 times in a week.

Curry Leaves:
Boil curry leaves in water and after water blacking, leave it for cold. Then apply this water on hair twice a week. Your white hair will be black.
Henna is the best cure for white hair. In market many types of henna are available. Black henna is best for hair. You can apply it with yogurt and oil. Apply it twice a month.
Aloe Vera Gel:
It is natural tonic for white hair. Aloe Vera can plant at home. It’s gel is best for white hair.
Neem Oil:
Apply neem oil on hair and black hair found. Regular use of oil and keep away from stress can make your hair black and beautiful.