Health and Tips


Many of us like in fact love to eat in winter season. The trend has changed. In ancient age, people eat heavy food and maintain their health. But now people like to eat light food. They want to eat those foods which maintain their health along with beauty. Here are some foods which will make healthy and beautiful your 2015:
Without oil you cannot cook any food. It is very vital ingredient in food. Now in market very local brands oils are available. They decrease your health. But Allah gifted us with many such oils which are best for health those are; olive oil, corn oil, almond oil, fish oil, and many more. These oils are best in eating as well as for skin care. Your 2015 will be healthy with beautiful skin after using these oils.
Milk is an important part of life. It is necessary for healthy body and skin. It decreases the chances of diseases. Now in market, you can get nut milk too. It is too much healthy. You can make it at home too. Milk is full of iron, vitamins, calcium and healthiness. Many fruits can also add in milk for different flavors.
Allah creates all type of vegetables in all seasons. No one is harmful for health. Everyone has its importance. Vegetables soup is best for health and skin. For healthy body many vitamins are needed. Green leaves vegetables are full of health. Eat them more and more.
Which fruit is bad for health? No one is. Fruits maintain our health level. Apple is best in all seasons. Fruits are eaten for digestive. These are best in high blood pressure, heart patients and many more others.
Make it your habit to drink juice of fresh fruits on regular bases. You will see within some days that your 2015 is very healthy and beautiful. Lime and orange juice is beat for health. Carrot is best source of healthiness.
Dry Fruits:
When winter season comes, everyone likes to eat dry fruits. Dry fruits are best for health even for hair and skin. Almond, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, and many more are dry fruits which are best for health. Peanut is the best dry fruit for poor people. It is not much expensive. Dry fruits maintain your health. These are best for glowing skin, reddish nails, pinkish lips and long silky hair.