Fashion Beauty Tips


Pakistan is such country where all religion people live. Everyone’s style is different to each other. Even in Muslim families, their styles are different to each other. Some people are totally typical but some have adopted little bit modernism in their styles. Some people have changed themselves totally according to trends. With the passage of time, wedding styles are also changing. Every religion has its own style and tradition. They decor bridal and groom according to their tradition. Now in Pakistan, traditions are changing. Now bridal applies modern styles in their dressing, footwear, jewelry, makeup even in hairstyle.

Muslim bridals put dupatta on head, it is Muslim tradition. They apply different hairstyle but duppata is necessary. If we see in Christian’s tradition that is little bit modish, they don’t put duppata but they more focus on hairstyle. Mostly, open their hair in different styles. If you put duppata on head then salon experts want to give you heavy look. That heavy look gives you elegant and sophisticated look. Some brides don’t like to heavy look, they like open hair. So, they can give their hair glamour’s look with half up, half down two curly locks loose. Mostly, this style is adopted by Christian bridals.

On mehndi day, most of the bridals open their hair or make a pony. That day they are decorated their hair with flowers. So, they don’t give their hair heavy look. On barat day, mostly give heavy look which enhance the bridal’s personality. On willama day, bridals try to feel comfortable. So, they adopt simple hairstyle. On that day, mostly salon set their hairstyle according to their hair length. Some add curl in down hair which looks superb. Loose curl gives you sober look. One sided ponytail is also that day’s hair fashion. In ponytail, some bridals are fitted flowers which give eye catching look.

Most popular hairstyles among bridals are; up dos, curly or wavy down dos, French twist, buns, half up and half down style, high or low ponytail, slicked back dos, knots and many more. You should choose that hairstyle which is according to your face structure and dress. You should keep in mind the theme of stage and occasion.