Women adopt new styles every year. They like to look elegant and beautiful. They wear different style dresses only in the craze of looking beautiful. In winter season, they are not worn staler and scarves for warm up themselves. In fact it has become the fashion that now women cover them with staler and scarves to looking stylish and trendy. Scarves are not only way to keep warm but they are a way to dress up an outfit. Casual dress and top can look elegant by wearing scarves and staler. It can wrap around the neck. It looks very unique and fresh. In winter season, women are more interested in beautiful staler and scarves not in dresses. They buy different colors and styles staler and scarves.

In this modish era, men are not back to women, they are also wear scarves in winter season. They also wear fashionable and stylish scarves. Scarves are also known as muffler, krimmer and neck wrap. That is a piece of cloth which is stitched in unique and stylish way. It is worn around the neck, put on shoulder, covered head and can cover whole body with big scarves. It is used for fashion or religious causes. Many women wear scarves with abaya. Scarves are available in diversify colors, unique styles and variation. Here are some scarves:

Bandana Scarves:


Bandana Scarves are the piece of cloth which can be founded in the shape of triangle and square. It is wrapped in the square or triangle shaped. It is made of fabric and usually wears on the Western dresses. It can be worn on head, neck, shoulder and ponytail wrap. It is also available in silk fabric. These scarves are come in versatile designs and colors. These can wear with dress and these will save you from cool wind. With the passage of time, scarves have gotten fame and women like to wear unique style scarves. Now many Tommy boys wear bandana scarves.

Head Scarves:

head scarve

Head ladies scarves are most famous in Muslim countries; Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Dubai, and many more. It is used in religious Islam. Christians also use head scarves to cover their head. It is introduced many years ago but now it has become the part of fashion. Now ladies use it only to looking fashionable and trendy. Now a large number of embroider variety of scarves are available. Most of the ladies cover their head and hair with it. Many women wear head scarves with Western dresses. Head covering has become the fashion.

Infinity Scarves:


It is also known as chunky or circle scarf. It is made of silk, cotton, wool even with fur. It is available in versatile colors and designs. Wrap around the neck give you causal but stylish and elegant look.

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