Dressing is becoming more modernize and unique with the passage of time. Designers create new trendy and stylish designs every day. They have changed the meaning of dressing among stylish women. Designers add versatile colors and designs in single dress that make it unique and different. In dresses, frocks have gotten fame very much. It is used in causal o formal wear. Many designers have presented unique and elegant frocks. Few years ago angrakha shirts were famous among girls but in 2013-14 designs, angrakha frocks got fame.

It gives traditional as well as unique look to women after wearing it. Angrakha frocks got fame in wedding ceremony especially in minhdi day. Now many brides wear these types of frocks in willama day. Simple laces and totally simple design make these frocks for causal use. These frocks are liked to wear with punjama, plazzo, choridar punjama and trousers. Many designers present these type of frocks; Maria. B, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, HSY and many more others. In ancient many girls liked to wear Kali Angrakha Frocks.

Angrakha frocks are the modern version of anarkali frocks. Little bit change makes it unique. These frocks look elegant and stylish in both long and short styles. Many innovative designs have come in these frocks. It gives you elegant and stunning look in causal, party time and wedding ceremony. Many angrakha frocks are presented by designers with embroidery work. Embroidery always looks classy and traditional in Pakistani dresses. Designers give frocks traditional and stylish both touch.

Pakistani designers are known at International level because of their eye catching and stunning designs and versatile colors combination. Designers have given new styles to frocks too. angrakha frocks are also presented in unique styles. Now they are using different cuts and high ends in latest designed frocks which are giving them unique and gorgeous look. Many different types of fabrics are using as patch in angrakha frocks. In kali, added embroidery make it different look. Brides are also wearing these frocks in wedding especially in mehndi and willama days.

In many frocks, designers use embroidered jackets for upper side of frocks. It gives elegant and traditional look. Many unstitched angrakha frocks are also available. Gul Ahmed is also presented angrakha frocks. It is giving quality base fabric and unique designs in frocks. Many angrakha frocks are available in self printed form. These are used in causal use. In many bridal angrakha frocks, designers use self printed frocks with embroidery work.