Fashion Beauty Tips


It is natural that everyone wants to look beautiful and glowing. Our little bit care can fulfill that wish. Some carelessness can cause of skin problems in which one is acne problem. Acne problem is increasing day by day because of shortage of time. Dust has become a major problem of Pakistan. Dust is causing many diseases and skin problems. Here are some acne treatment tips:

Keep your face clean:
A lot of dust put in our faces on daily bases. If you don’t clean your face and sleep with dusty face, it can cause of acne. Wash your face twice a day. You should use toner for removing dust. It can save you from acne problem.
Moisturize you face daily with branded lotion. If you have oily skin then use that lotion which keep your skin oil free after using. Moisturizing is best tone for removing oil and dust from skin.
Use makeup carefully:
Use that makeup which is free of oil and acne. Don’t apply expired and very old makeup products. If you are using makeup on daily bases then firstly apply foundation then use blush on.
Removed makeup at the ending of day:
End of the day, before sleeping removed your makeup can save you acne problem. Many women are not removed their makeup and sleep. After some time, they face acne problem. Little bit care can glow up your face.
Save your face from sun lights:
Sun light has such lays that can damage your skin cells. So don’t go out under sun without using sunscreen. It can save you from acne.
Clean up makeup brushes:
Many don’t give attention on makeup brushes and don’t clean up them. Clean makeup brushes once in a month.
Using serum:
After washing your face or before foundation apply serum on your face. It will control oil and save your face from acne.

Don’t touch your face again and again:
It is natural that everyone touches their face many times in a day. Dust which is on your hands transfers to your face that can cause of acne problem. Avoid to touching your face again and again.
Stress free:
Keep away yourself from stress can give you glowing skin. Stress can cause of many diseases and one of them is acne problem.
Acne free products:
Use those products which are acne free. Before purchasing read instructions and ingredients carefully.