In Islam, it is essential for ladies to hide their body. Many women hide their body by wear abaya. In abaya many feel comfortable. In Arabic countries, women cannot go out to home without abaya. Now in all over the World women like to wear abaya because it has become the fashion. Fashion designers present new and unique abayas every year. Some girls don’t wear abaya to hide their body but they wear abaya as a fashion. In ancient age, abayas were available in black colors but now they are available in all colors.
Abayas are available in different patterns, embroideries and styles. Now fashion designers are using laces around the boarder of abayas. Abayas are designed according to season. In winter season, it is made of thick and soft cloth material. In summer, it is available in lawn and cotton. Trendy abayas increase the beauty of women. In these abays, women look very attractive and elegant. All girls of all Muslim countries like to wear abaya because they can wear all type of dress inside abaya.

Abayas in 2014-15:

In 2014 abayas are very trendy. Designers use multi color schemes and motifs. In 2014, the color theme was black. Black is the main color but designers use many other colors; pink, white, green, blue, brown and yellow. Many fancy multi colored buttons put on abayas. These abayas look more attractive and innovative. Many women motivated by these designs of abayas. Now many abayas are loose and girls use cloth belt as a fashion to fit abaya. Many different types of abayas are available in to market. Some top abaya designers are; Sweety Desginer, Dar-ul-Hazar Abaya Designer, EFFA Designer, Dar-ul-Mulika Designer, and Velvet Designer.

Arabic Abaya:


Abaya is the sign of dignity. People respect those women who wear abaya. It is also our religious responsibility to wear abaya. Now a day women like to wear Arabic abaya. These abayas are loose. Many stylish Arabic abayas are now available in to market. Arabic abayas are mostly available in black and half white color. You look elegant and beautiful in Arabic abaya. It is stylish.

Turkish Abaya:


After the trendy Arabic abaya now Iraqi and Turkish abayas are famous among women. Chiffon, silk and georgette stuff is used in Turkish abayas. It is available in embroidery, laces and stones material. Turkish abayas present in mainly black color with multicolored buttons. That abayas are increasing the beauty of culture. Many designers use double clothing in Turkish abayas. These are also available in coat shapes that look very elegant and sober.

Wedding Abaya:


Many years before bridal were liked to wear red lengha and sari in her wedding ceremony. But now designers have introduced new styles. Now stylish women wear abaya. These abayas are in multicolor and look very attractive. Many women like to wear abaya when they go out to home. They wear abaya on wedding ceremonies too. Fancy and full of embroidery abayas are now available in market, they buy abaya instead of dress.

Sporty Abaya:


Many girls who belong to sport, they have to go out in other countries. Many of them wear abaya. By wearing abaya you cannot play. So many designers design that type of abayas that are fitted to sporty occasion. These abayas are fitted and easy to carry.

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