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Nadia Hussain Lawn Prints fashion styles designs latest current summer 2012 2011 cloths (3)

Nadia Hussain is a Pakistani television actress, host, model entrepreneur and fashion designer. She has worked in many drama serials on different television channels. Hussain is considered one of the top models in Pakistan. She bore in January 11, 1979, Karachi. She did her early schooling from Beacon-house School System and later got bachelors in dental surgery from Fatima Jinnah Dental College and is a practicing dentist. She is the niece of singer Tina Sani.
As mentioned before, Nadia is the niece of singer Tina Sani. This was a reason why she kept within the media circle her whole life and didn’t face any setbacks from her family when she chose to hunt modeling as a career.Because of this relationship, she had the right contacts to get into the industry. As a small child, she did a small ad and video shoot for crystal toothpaste.Then she had her breakthrough into the fashion industry when Mubashir khan introduced her to the big guns like Imran Kureishi, Freiha Altaf and Deepak Parwani.She met Mubashir at Tariq Amin’s salon. There, he recommended she take up modeling. He introduced her to Imran Kureishi, after which she was approached by Frieha Altaf. Thus, she officially started modeling at the age of 20. Her first step was in 2000 when she had freshly completed her levels. She modeled for the winter collection of Lakhani Silk Mills. She is the only Pakistani model to be chosen for the Sarajevo Fashion Week. She was even selected for Bridal Asia in India. She has appeared in TV dramas as well like Umar, Dadi Aur Gharwalay, Manay Na Yeh Dil, Noor Bano etc. She also has her own line of footwear called Fetish and owns a lawn collection as well.
Nadia has kept her personal life as it should be- personal. There isn’t much about her in the news other than her own career. This speaks much about her focus on her career and her care and attention towards her family. She did reveal that she has no intentions of retiring in the near future. She confessed that if she left the modeling industry it would be because of the new models in the industry that are doing it just for the sake of money.
She married investment banker and stockbroker Atif Khan back in 2003. They met when Nadia was investing in stocks. Before Atif, she had a brief relationship with Vaneeza Ahmed`s brother Aamir. They later broke up because of the age gap and some problems between them. She is now living comfortably with her husband and three kids Shadal, Shanza and Sasha.
Nadia says that she chose modeling after BDS as a hobby and second profession but lately it can be seen that she’s giving this hobby of hers quite a lot of priority. She says a model, once recognized is more an image of glamour. But it bothers her that people forget that models also have their personal lives and always want to know more which frustrates her. She says that sometimes she gets fan calls from her male fans. She deals with them by being rude and brisk and they get the message!
She says that she is in no danger from the competition because what she does is totally different from everyone. Our fashion industry will be promoted only when there will be more fashion news. She says the lightening is more responsible for the glamour than all the makeup. In short, Nadia Hussain is a prominent face in the industry and is a name we can all be proud of.

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