Spring season is the sign of summer coming. Spring is come with full of bloom and everyone enjoys beautiful flowers after winter. Spring is the flowers season. With the spring starts, many women try to make more beautiful their garden with eye catching flowers which have all type of colors and sizes. When in the home entrance you plant many beautiful flowers, everyone admire your home and garden. You can décor t\your garden to these flowers which are come in spring:
It is the best plant to grow early in spring. It looks very stunning and charming because of its color and size. It looks eye catching in shocking pink and dark purple color. It has many colors.

Yellow Trillium
It is a true spring flower. Its leaves are big and looking very marvelous. It has yellow flowers with green leaves. It has marbled leaves. In the home, it increases the beauty of garden.

It has totally white petals with yellow small circle. It is planted in March. It is best for woodland and shaded and it is best flower of spring.

These flowers are founded in Islamabad. In spring it increases the beauty of atmosphere. It has beautiful and eye catching flower color which is pink.

Acoma Iris
This flower has everyone’s favorite color; purple and white combination. Its tall growth and delectable petals make your garden fabulous. No one can go without seeing it.

Harmony Iris
Spring is bloomer season. Without colorful and beautiful flowers, spring is incomplete. Harmony Iris is the spring flower. It has beautiful combination of blue and purple.

In spring you can see daffodils. From childhood, we read about daffodils and read its stories. Its petals are too much soft in touch. It has a good combination of white, yellow and orange.

Double Rock Rose
Lovers wait this flower with very passion. It has double variety which is only shown in spring. It has many colors like pink is common.

It is looked creamy and white beauty of flowers. It is gorgeous addition in spring flowers. Its petals are very eye catching and charming.



Many of us who use creams, their face skin and hands skin are white and glowing but their body skin is black or yellow. Some have white and glowing face but their neck is black. It gives your personality bad impact. If you concentrate on your face and hands then you need to spend some time on body. Only face and hands glowing skin is not completed your personality. You need to make some homemade products for body too.
1. Toner

Every day you should use toner on face and neck to remove dust. After removing dust you can apply soap or face wash.
2. Moisturize

Use best moisturize for face and body after or before shower. You can use almond oil or alive oil as a moisturizer. It removes dark spots on skin.
3. Same Family Products

Use same family products; toner, face wash and moisturizer. Same brand products are more effective for skin. Use on body Vaseline coco butter after shower.
4. Hot Water

Avoid to taking bath with hot water. It damages your skin cells and your body looks black and dry.
5. Cleansing Neck, Hands, Foot and Chest

You should be cleansing with good quality cleansing milk lotion to your neck, chest and hands daily. It will get glowing body skin.
6. Low Deodorants Soaps

Avoid using high deodorants soaps on body. Use shower cream it will give you shinning and fresh body with beautiful fragrance.
7. Moisturize Hands and Foots
Moisturize your hands and foots daily in night and apply lotion or jelly especially in winter season.

8. Powder

You should spread powder on the areas of your skin which are touch to other body skin. If your body skin touches other skin again and again it wills dark your skin. So, use powder.
9. Wax
If you have hair on body then removes them with wax and use lotion. Mostly people have black hair on arms that’s why their arms look dark.

10. Milk
Make it habit to drink milk regularly. Milk has many proteins and vitamins. It glows your skin.



If you want to increase the beauty of home, then with cleanness home decoration is also essential. New paint, polished furniture, eye catching curtains, sophisticated and unique decoration pieces and different artificial plants; these all stuff is necessary for home decoration. After putting this stuff on their places, home is not looking stunning then something is missing, it may be wall decoration. Only floor decoration is not important, you should have to concentrate on wall decoration too. You can décor your walls with beautiful wall pieces, pictures and painting. You can choose any other paint color instead of white or half white.
It is true that which home is decorated with beautifully way, it looks sophisticated and like a Heaven. When guests come they feel relief at their home because of its attractive decoration. First of all you should consider wall decoration, after that you choose other stuff according to it. When you are selecting wall decoration pieces or wall paint, consider every family member’s choice.
• You can apply art work on walls to make them beautiful. You can buy some art pieces from market and paste them on wall. Don’t apply only one piece, paste small pieces of art pieces with arrangement. Make your theme same and it should be matched to furniture and door paint color. Take big and small pieces and paste them one by one, not in one line. You can buy paper art, wood art and metal made art from market. Now 3D wall art is much famous.

• Mirror is looked very beautiful on wall and it enhances the beauty of room and wall. By mirror room looks very broad. Fix small bulbs on wall and you can paste some traditional pieces too. You can paste hand fan of wood, handmade mirror and many other stuff of traditional decoration pieces.

• In your kid’s room, you can paste your child’s handmade art. If your child has got any reward in the paper shape then scan it and paste it on fabric and frame it and paste on children room. It will encourage your child and looks very eye catching.

• You should choice that clock which is according to room and wall size. Now many wooden made clocks are available in to market. Clocks are needed in all rooms. it should be according to room decoration.



Love is not forbidden in Islam but in positive sense. We say that Valentine’s Day is the day of love. We express our love, emotions, passion and sincerity that day with others. If we consider Islam then Valentine’s Day has no importance in Islam. It is not Muslim’s event; it is celebrated by all over the World Christians. Our religion doesn’t allow us to forbid the other’s events but it is also not allowed us to celebrate their events with full passion which have negative aspects. But from few years, not Pakistani citizens even all over Muslim countries are celebrating that day with full of passion and everyone prefer to wear red color even tease them who wear that color not for celebrating it. People purchase red roses, heart shape balloons, making cakes and reserve restaurants and hotels for date.
It has become trend that you will see to say lovers that our Religion Islam let us to do love and that day. It is not true. You cannot see in any religion book even in our Prophet (PBUH)’s life that love used in negative sense. But Pakistani Muslim teenagers love to each other and they have proud to do it. Our religion doesn’t allow us to love before marriage. Before marriage, love invites many diseases. We say it our sophisticated country where teenage girls and boys celebrate Valentine’s Day with passion but they forget their Islamic events. On Eid days, they spend the whole day in sleeping. It is the dilemma of our so cold society where love is used in negative ways.

Allah says in our Holy book QURAN PAK, “And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with then and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts). Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” In this verse, Allah is telling us about love and mercy but not in negative sense. Many people say that Allah created love and mercy in human being then how we could not show it. If we see its translation then you can understand about love and mercy. It is not before marriage; Allah created such positive impacts in Nikaha that after Nikaha girl and boy get love and mercy for each other. But many of us don’t consider it.
Our Prophet (PBUH) also loved to His wives. But it was not before marriage, it was after marriage. We should get awareness about it. There is not any importance of Valentine’s Day in Islam. Islam doesn’t neglect love; love between spouses, parent-child, sister brother, family members and friends have good and positive sense. Islam appreciates those people who love for the sake of Allah and love to his/ her wife or husband, sister or brother, mother and father and friends.



Many lovers plan of dinner at home or restaurant on Valentine’s eve. They try their best to make that eve very special for their love one. That day, lovers doesn’t like to interference of anyone in dinner. They decorate table according to the moment. You have seen that on Valentine’s Day mostly red color is used by everyone. When you make plan to do dinner then table cover should be red and accessories in which you take meal should be red and other colors combination. Red color represents the love and passion. Colorful candles, red roses and decoration creates cozy and stunning atmosphere. Select inexpensive, romantic and unforgettable dinner for love one on Valentine’s eve.
Put some fresh flowers and fresh flower petals on table. Red roses are more common on that day. It gives very eye catching look to the table which you décor for your love one. That day, you should choose that things which are his/her favorite. Heart shape candles in dim light are looking sophisticated and more romantic. Put some candles on table which should be in red color heart shape. Table cover should be with the red and white combination or his/her dress color matched. If table cover is red then chair cover should be white or any other color.

You should plan about the food which will take that day. It should be according to the choice of their love one. Try to put those accessories which are in red and with its combination color. If that day, you have planned of cake then cake should be in heart shape and it should be in white and red color with their love one’s name. On that table present gift which will be a big surprise for your love one. You can put some chocolates in heart shape. Make that day more and more romantic because Valentine’s Day is the lovers day. That day your love one is expecting to you more surprises so, keep him/her happy that day. You can plan that dinner at home too.



It is not necessary that only old age people or uneducated people caught in emotional issues. When again and again, people criticize and degrade you, you feel anger and stress. If you will not express your anger and emotions, you can catch in mental problem. Many are caught in emotional stress because they cannot sleep proper. They get the disease of “Schizophrenia”. It can control in first stage by emotional freedom technique. You can use this technique yourselves:
Tell Negative Emotions
Many avoid telling others especially to their family and friends their negative emotions and angering which you adopt by their talking and behavior, this can cause of emotional stress. You should tell them their anger and emotions. Express your feelings freely.
Clarify your Anger reasons
Clarify others your anger reasons and express it freely. Talk to them who are the source of your anger. Clear all affairs with them and tell them your emotions without any hesitation.
Write down your Pain
Many people have habit to write their emotions and anger. They can easily relief their pain by this method. In this way, you can get rid of pain and others also happy with you.
Speak to yourselves
If you are hurt by anyone and this cause of your emotional stress then speak to yourselves again and again. If you have work load then discuss it with yourselves before mirror. Speaking with you is a good and easy relief of pain.
Repeat your Pain
Repeat your pain before yourselves again and again and get rid of it.
Close Eyes
If you are emotional disturb then close your eyes and think about good things. Free yourselves from any type of stress and tension.
Think Positive
Think about positive affairs. If you have any negative thinking, rub it from your mind and relax your mind and body as well.

Avoid Smoking
Many people start smoking when they feel emotional stress. It is not cure for stress, for few hours you get rid of stress but it is not permanent. Avoid smoking.
Many doctors give you medicine for mental relief. It can cause of many diseases. For few hours, theses medicines give you relaxed sleep but after awake up, you again feel emotional stress.
If you want to relief from emotional stress and physical fitness then use emotional freedom technique. This technique is the best source of free yourselves from pain.



Many people in this World have problems in their physic, emotions and performance. Many of us say it disorder. Who are emotional and physically weak, they cannot survive this society. Many say that emotional weak people are mad, they are mental disorder. But now many techniques have come to overcome it. In these techniques, emotional freedom technique is best. In it, you describe your emotions freely without any fear. Emotional freedom technique is the universal healing tool. It is common that any type of emotional stress and tension can disorder your mind as well as body and performance. Emotional freedom technique is a modern technique which relief your pain of mind and physic. You can express your emotions freely.
Emotional Freedom Technique Works very Well
Emotional freedom technique works very well. In it, you are free to express your feeling and emotions about anything and anybody. Many people say that needles are used in this technique, it is not true. They are trying to relax your body and mind as well. In this technique, doctors try to go their patient in past and give them relieve about past pain. It is not necessary that this technique only applied on old age people. Many children and teenage girls and boys can also relieve from this technique. When you cannot express your anger or feeling before others then you can catch in mental disorder. Who have freedom in expressing their feeling and anger, they feel relax.
Negative Emotions appearance
Past traumatic memory causes of emotional stress. There is a missing piece between memory and emotional upset. The intermediate step causes the disturbance in body energy system. If intermediate step doesn’t occur then your emotional upset will not happen. It creates negative emotions in your mind. You hate everyone and don’t like to talk anyone. In this case, doctors use emotional freedom technique to recover your mental system and body.
Physical Relief
Everyone knows that emotional issues impact on body dramatically. Emotional issues can cause of many diseases; heart problem, cancer, headaches, diabetes and many more. Guilt, fear and anger can cause of emotional issues. By this issues you fad up your work and human being. You like loneliness. Many adopt physical therapy and exercise, but you need emotional freedom technique as well. When you will strong emotionally, you will get physical relief. Emotional freedom technique can assist physical healing by resolving underlying energetic or emotional contributors.



Both men and women want to look gorgeous, charming, trendy and beautiful. For it, they adopt and apply many different products on them. They don’t think that those things can damage their natural beauty. Dandruff is the common problem of both men and women. Dandruff can create skin problems like acne, rashes and low self esteem. Long, shinny, dandruff free, and blackish hair give you charming and glamorous look. Some causes are here because of this dandruff can come in your hair:
1. Limited use of Oil:
Many of us have made it fashion that they are not using oil on hair. Their hair looks all time dry because of it dandruff comes in hair and damages the roots of hair.
2. Hot Water:
When winter season comes many people take bath with hot water. They wash their hair with hot water that can become the cause of dandruff.
3. Regular use of Shampoo:
Mostly men take bath regularly. They use shampoo on daily bases. Shampoo impacts on hair and dandruff comes because of dryness of hair.
4. Improper Brush on Hair:
Many people say that they don’t have time to brush their hair. It can cause of dandruff.
5. Stress:
Stress is the root of diseases. So keep away stress from yourself.
6. Improper Diet:
Mostly women keep them fit, don’t take proper diet. That can cause of dandruff on hair.
Solution comes first then problems come. If you have dandruff hair then you should adopt these tips:
1. Olive oil:
Regular use of olive oil in both winter and summer season can get rid of dandruff. Make it your habit to apply oil regular on hair.

2. Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is best for long hair and dandruff. It has coolness in itself so use it in summer season mostly.

3. Lemon Juice:
Two or three drops of lemon juice twice in a week can give shine to your hair. With the use of lemon juice dandruff can go away.

4. Neem Leaves:
It is the best remedy for dandruff hair. Boil neem leaves in water and then wash your hair with its water.

5. Vinegar:
Vinegar is a best conditioner for dry hair and removes dandruff. Little bit care can make your hair beautiful and dandruff free.

6. Aloe Vera:
It is natural treatment for hair. Aloe Vera is the Allah gift for human being. It is used for many diseases cure. It is best for hair too.

7. Eggs:
Apply egg, oil, lemon juice and yogurt one time in a week will make your hair beautiful and dandruff free.

8. Branded Shampoo:
Don’t use that shampoo which has low cost with low quality. It wills damage your hair totally. Use always branded products. Use those products which have the complete address and approved.

9. Yogurt:
Regular use of yogurt will make your hair beautiful and attractive and dandruff free.

10. Tree Tea Oil:
All types of oil according to season are best for our hair. Half warm oil use on hair and then cover hair with towel or any cloth for 30 minutes; it will free your hair from dandruffs.



Right selection of food can make you effective machine. You can get a variety of foods from market that can increase your energy and promote your health. But many natural foods are necessary for our body. Allah creates that food for us which is best for our health but human has added many things in it because of it, it has lost its taste and freshness. Vegetables are necessary for health. Many people eat vegetables in the shape of salad and many eat it after boiling. In all over the World, vegetables make for breakfast, lunch and dinner after adding many ingredients that enhance the taste of it.
No single vegetable provides toy nutrients for healthiness you need to eat a plenty of its variety. Vegetables can control your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, prevent from cancer, and control blood sugar level. Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, iron and proteins. Some vegetables are listed here for good and fresh health:
Kale is best for our blood, eyes, immune system, heart, skin and many more. It is full of vitamin A, C, K, B6 and calcium. Iron is necessary for good health and kale is full of iron. It protects from cancer. It controls your cholesterol level. Spinach is fulfilling the requirements of vitamin K and lute in. It has a plenty of vitamin C and potassium. It is best for muscles and heart.
Carrots are the best source to decreasing the blood and heart diseases. Its daily use can increase your skin freshness and glowing. It is full of vitamin K and fiber. It has only 30 calories. It is best for eyes. Peas have very much nutrients. It has iron and foliates which is best for health especially for women. It is best for muscles.
Tomato has vitamin A and C. it boosts your immunity, vision and reproductive health. It increases blood if you have not enough blood in body. It is best for skin. Green Bell Pepper is full of vitamins C and many nutrients. Radicchio is full of vitamin K and lute in. It has 20 calories. It is best for health and skin.
Turnip Green has 20 calories. It is traditional food. It is full of nutrients and help to fight against illness. It strong’s bones. It is best for skin and diet. It is full of vitamins K and C, fiber and lute in. Eggplant is rich of antioxidants and nutrients. It protects your brain cells damaging. It has fiber and potassium.
Mostly women like to eat those vegetables which are helpful in weight losing. Those vegetables are these:
• Cucumber
• Raw Green
• Spinach
• Lettuce
• Carrot
Those vegetables can reduce your weight and keep you healthy and fresh. Many people make vegetables soup for dieting. It has positive effects on body and skin as well.



Sun light exasperating our eyes, especially in summer season, we cannot go out without spectacles. Now many unique and stylish spectacles have come according to people’s choice. These new and trendy spectacles enhance the personality of wearer. They give you sophisticated look. Many girls and boys wear glasses only for looking fashionable and stylish. From saving yourselves from sun rays, mostly people wear sunglasses which can save you from sun lights and give you egoistic look. Big and small both types of sunglasses are available in market. You should select spectacles according to your face structure.
Everyone wants to look gorgeous and stunning. Now people adopt all type of fashion only to become stylish and modern. If sunglasses are essential for the security of eyes even these are used as fashion. Women look very stylish and beautiful in sunglasses but men are not looked badly in them. In this modern era, men are also not back to women in fashion accessories. Some types of sunglasses are here:
Floral Print Sunglasses:
Floral print sunglasses are the fashion of today. In summer season to get rid of hot rays and temperature of sun, the use of sunglasses are becoming very high. They are available in different styles and colors. These sunglasses give you elegant look.
Ray Ban Sunglasses:
In these sunglasses, men and women both look very stunning and stylish. These glasses are available in square, rectangle, oval and round shapes with versatile colors. These glasses are offering in metallic, plastic, titanium, leather and denim frames with both gradient and polarized lens. These sunglasses are very trendy, funky and classy.
Rimless Sunglasses:
Rimless sunglasses have different shape which is very stylish and unique. It gives you different look as compare to routine life. These types of sunglasses came without frame and giving very stunning and classy look. Most of the celebrities like to wear rimless sunglasses. Most of the sport boys use these sunglasses.
In their daily routine life, mostly young girls wear sunglasses to look stylish and stunning. Now in Pakistan, it has become common to wear stylish sunglasses not only to protect their eyes from sun rays even it has become the fashion of this modish era. Sunglasses are available in many colors but black color sunglasses give you stunning and classy look. Black color sunglasses can wear with all type and color of dresses. Sunglasses should be selected according to your face structure.